Soon-to-be Bride Keeps Running To Her Double Date For s3x

Sometimes, what love making can do, love can’t do them.

I met a lady about a year ago which I showed interest in. She told me she had someone already so I kept my distance because we all attend the same church.

She sometimes called to check on me and I did same as well but the problem is; she one day requested to visit me and I consented to that hmmm…

She kept on visiting me until we unintentionally made love. Ever since then she keeps on visiting me over and over and we keep on making love until last three months when she told me she missed her period. We all agreed she aborts it.

Even before that, she told me her guy went to her parents to take the List to marry her but her father doesn’t like the tribe the guy is coming from. The mum doesn’t support the father’s decision though. Just three weeks ago she told me she received a call from the guy that after refusing for two years, her dad has finally accepted her guy’s decision to marry her so he the guy has bought all the necessary items needed for them to marry and they may start their canceling soon for me.

Ever since she said that, I made my mind up to move on but she is always around me and also visiting me as usual. They just started their counseling last week and I thought she might never show up again but she keeps coming to visit me and we end up making love.

I don’t know how to sack her to stop coming to me. I am also planning to move from where I am now but my rent would expire mid next year. I am not confused at all because in my mind I have moved on but how to stop her from coming to me is the problem here.

She told me sometime ago that am a crazy rider as compared to her guy and I think this is what is keeping her around me please help me out.

My dear, there is no right in doing wrong. You already knew from the beginning that what you were involved in with the lady was wrong. This is so because she mentioned to you from first instance that she has a man in her life.

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I am not condemning you but you shouldn’t have given in to her unprecedented closeness knowing she still have a man in her life. However, your initial love or likeness for her overshadowed your sense of control.

To keep this short, let her know it is absolutely wrong to keep having any relationship or sexual contact henceforth, especially as Christians. Keep a distance from her, stop all forms of communication relating to s3x or affection. Don’t ever be in a private room with her again and let her know your conscience is killing you and you can’t help it anymore.

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You can also get seriously hurt if the husband-to-be finds out about your sexual affair with his woman.

Threaten her that you will tell her husband-to-be about your relationship with her and what has happened so far. Don’t make her feel she has a future with you either. Good Luck!

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