Infidelity Hurts, Can Put Smooth Moving Relationship In Reverse Gear

“I had this my girlfriend, I cheated on her sometime ago, she caught me, I apologize to her she agreed and we moved on..

As time goes on, she also cheated and I caught her but as she realized I got to know she told me we should break up.

Honestly, I love the girl. And I told her: “No I cant break up with you.” I still love her even as I know she is cheating.

I kept insisting I want to continue with her but she also insists she wants a break up…..claiming she really loves me but she cant continue with me.

Later she told me even if she agrees to move on with me, she can never give me s3x in her life.

She is saying she doesn’t love the guy but he likes how he is……I’m the one she loves but she can’t continue with me any longer.. Please I need advice please”

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Thank you for sharing your story with Marriage-chronicles.

Concerning your relationship, if I understood you very well, your girlfriend cheated on you and she doesn’t want to continue having a relationship with you because of how good the other guy is in bed, right?

If I got that correctly, then I will advise you to make up your mind to quit the relationship. It won’t be easy for some time but you will be happy later on. The reason is that, love is not enough sometimes. And love, like every other thing of life doesn’t last forever. That is why great lovers can end up being great enemies over time.

Relationship needs understanding and agreement to survive. And right now both of you are not in same page anymore. If you force her to stay, she will cheat on you again and the hurt will be worse than this now. I am sure you don’t want that.

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You have made your point to her, it will be on record that you tried. If both of you are meant to be, she will come back to you wholeheartedly. Focus on your life, make more money and read more books or articles on and on other relationship sites like

Don’t ever forget to tell yourself that there are better women or people out there. So don’t kill yourself or conscience for one woman or anybody. Women like attention so much, very soon she will crave your attention again, especially when she doesn’t get much of whatever she is enjoying from the other guy now.

Next time, be more careful and faithful in your relationship. Nobody likes to be cheated on. Good luck!

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