Marital Bliss Turns Chronic Heartache, Wife In Total Confusion

My husband and I have been married for 2yrs and counting and still believing God for the fruit of the womb. I met my hubby when he had nothing, I mean absolutely nothing and was still staying with his parents and wasn’t even working.

His family is supportive so they are his first priority before anything. And I’ve also been supportive since day 1 we met. He did everything possible to get me to marry him and because of love, I did and his family too liked me.

Immediately we got married this dude changed. I won’t go into details but will deliberate on what happened recently…..

We live in a 3 bedroom apartment, and for about a month he started staying in the bedroom playing with his laptop. He no longer sits with me in the living room. I asked and he said he’s downloaded movies on his machine so he’s watching them. Meanwhile, at first, we’ll connect the pen drive to the hall Tele and watch together. I’m even cool with that.

Last Friday was my birthday and this dude never wished me, same thing happened last year. He was suddenly angry but anytime it’s his birthday I go all out to celebrate him…posting him here and there n buying him gifts. He goes all out to celebrate his family on any occasion but as for my family and I, not even once. I’ve been cool with it but this time round I’m so so hurt.

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Because I’m selfless and helpful to him and his family but it seems he’s taken me for granted. He can go like a week without talking to me, when I open my mouth to talk to him then he frowns. Immediately he sees his family he’s all excited and I feel so rejected and alone.

I’m from a broken home so anytime there’s an issue and I report to his mum or any of his family they think I’m always the one at fault and I’d end up like my parents.

My husband is one person that discusses our issues with his family so sometimes I’m scared the things I tell him. He’s a mummys boy. Sorry for the long post but I’m tired and I feel I’m being drained. He goes in and out of the house without telling me. Doesn’t eat at home at times and spends most of his time with his family and will later come home and straight to bed.

No communication. I’M TIRED!

Finally he’s removed his ring ever since we got married.Please advice me on what to do because I’m broken. No harsh words pls.

My dear, I am sorry for the ordeals you are facing in your marriage right now. This is disheartening but I want you to know that it’s one of those things in life.

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Marriage is a beautiful thing but many do not know how to go about it. That is why premarital and post-marital counseling is very vital…..From the wedding day till the death do both spouses path, they must keep striving to make the marriage sweeter. But it seems married couples do not really care these days.

However, it is about time you started loving yourself and trying as much as possible to make yourself happy all the time. Most importantly, pray every time and mention his name in your prayers. For all you may know, his mind is being manipulated by some spiritual forces….yes this is very possible.

Always dress well and look good for your own yourself. Every man is attracted to a beautiful woman.

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When he is at home try to be happy; sing and dance while doing your chores, don’t ever let him see you sad, it’s not easy but at the end, you will see the result. Men also like attention and when he sees you no more care like before, he will start craving for your attention.

Don’t complain to anyone anymore except God. Only talk to trusted people with matured minds.

When you are done trying all extremes and things don’t change for good, then move out of the marriage. Marriage is good but bad partners can be very harmful to human existence. There are always better people out there if you are patient enough with God. Good Luck!

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