‘I Will Marry You Only If You Get Pregnant First’ – Man Tells His Girlfriend

Every relationship has its twists and turns. You possibly can find perfect lovers but you can never find perfect relationships or marriages. This is because no human being is the same. We all have our uniqueness, values, goals, experiences, likes and dislikes….these are what make us human beings.

A lady has taken to a Relationship Platform on Facebook to share her story with Abena Magis.

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Read Story Below:

“I met this wonderful gentleman 8 months ago. Within these 8 months everything was perfect until he recently stated in one of our conversation that he would be happy if I get pregnant before we settle down.

I thought he was joking and didn’t take it seriously. I just laughed and said “Hope you’re not talking to me”.
Not knowing he was serious about it.

He brought it up again just yesterday. That was when I realized he was serious and determined paaa. So I told him that I have told myself that I will never deliberately get pregnant before I marry. So he should just let us settle down first before but he said “Daabi da! (No).

All because he’s afraid because I’m the only child of my parents probably child bearing will be difficult for me.
I told him he’s not God neither am I to see what is ahead of us so why doesn’t he let us do the needful(marry) then whatever that will come out after then we both face it.

He’s still standing on his words that I should get pregnant before. Which I will never do. I’m also afraid of losing him. Pls I want to know whether my decision is right. I’m confuse.”


1. Most Men Don’t Actually Want What They Say They Want  

2. Go For A Good Partner, Not A Perfect Person. 


True love is unconditional, though it can be hurtful sometimes. Anyone who finds a reason to love you can also find millions of reasons not to love you anymore.

My question is, how do you know if he won’t end up sleeping with someone else for this same reason? Parenting starts from pregnancy days and it comes with a lot of responsibilities. If the two of you are in a legal marital institution, you are bound to give it your all which will help to ease your stress during pregnancy.

If he really loves you, he should marry you for fear of loosing you to someone else. Premarital affairs is not acceptable in most religions and traditions. Pregnancy before marriage is also an anomaly.

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Getting pregnant before marriage is not a guarantee for marriage. If marriage eventually happens, you still will have a lot to deal with as 8 months is not enough to know your partner for a life-long relationship.

Let him know now that you value yourself more than that. If you don’t place value on yourself, people won’t value your worth. He is not doing you a favor by marrying you……marriage is a partnership union, so don’t allow him to use you as though he has the right to otherwise he will keep placing selfish demands on your value and conscience. Good Luck!

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