Men, Your Side Chick Is Your Death Partner – Reno Omokri

Nigerian lawyer and social media commentator, Reno Omokri, has once again shared his opinion with followers, especially the male folks.

In his latest wisdom nugget, Reno Omokri certified side chics as death partners as he delineated between them, wives and bosses/investors.

He went on the reveal that a wife is a life partner, a boss/investor, a business partner while a side chic is a ‘death partner.’

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He noted that wives and bosses/investors add value to you while a side chic destroys men by feeding their weaknesses.

He went on to compare men to rats, stating that side chics use the greed of these men to entice and then entrap them.

He finished off by categorically stating that ‘Side chic are EVIL!’.

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His full post below;

“Dear men,

* Your wife is your LIFE partner

* Your boss or investor is your BUSINESS partner
* Your side chick is your DEATH partner

Both your wife, and your boss/investor, add value to you. But your side chick will destroy you by feeding your weakness. Your worst enemy is the person that is feeding your weakness. That is how we catch rats with traps. We use their greed to entice them with bait. That is what your side chick does. She feeds your weakness for *** and uses it to destroy you and your home! Side chicks are EVIL!”

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