True Love Makes No Sense, You Can’t Define It – It Defines You

Loving someone genuinely comes with no strings attached but liking someone is a different thing.

Most times people don’t know the difference between like and love and how they operate in relationships. Hence many who claim to be in love are actually just in the likeness mode.

We can like someone at first sight or at first meeting but we can’t love someone at first instance.

What some think or believe to be love at first sight is actually likeness, lust or mere infatuation. We get attracted to people because of their likeness. This may be their colour, height, stature, their beauty or handsomeness, the way they talk; move or do things. And in our present days, people are mostly attracted to rich dudes for their money. All this is no love.

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We don’t love people for any reason. Love is deep, love grows, love is natural, love is blind, love is unconditional and love really doesn’t mean same thing always. That’s why the most beautiful lady around us can fall in love with the ugliest guy of all the cute guys around. Same can happen to a guy too. Some fall in love with mad people for no reason.

Just as God loves us for no reason, so true love happens for no reason.

However, until we come in contact with what or who we like, we can’t be in love. But the problem in most relationships and marriages is that people give more attention to what they like than the love they have. So, once what they like is gone, their love is gone and that is no love.

The real thing is that; your likes will take you into love and your love will grow so strong until it over shadows or overwhelms your likes. Once you now love more than you like, then you are truly in love.

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When you are truly in love, the things you once like no longer make too much sense to you. This is what keeps a relationship or marriage. So long you still very much care about the things you like in your man or your woman, that relationship or marriage can end anytime your likes are in shortage or extinction.

Love is kind, love is patient, love is tolerant, love gives, love cares and love is awesome. No one word can define love. It is deeper than life and it doesn’t make sense sometimes to those who are not in love.

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Love doesn’t let go easily and love can hurt sometimes but the pain doesn’t last.

It is natural to love but it’s not natural to like. We can choose or decide to like someone but we can’t choose whom to love. That’s why it doesn’t make sense most times.

Love is a strong feeling of affection that is inexplicable. The day you are able to explain it, know that the love is dying or dead. Love can die, like most things of life because it’s living….. when it is not watered or well managed.

We like people for a reason(s). We can like so many people at the same time but we can’t love many people at the same time. This is because Love is Sacred and Love is Life. You can’t find true love, it finds you.

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