When Your Manhood Is Being Called “Rock Of Ages”

A guy, name withheld, needs advice on how to stop his girlfriend from calling his well endowed manhood unprintable names.

“I always thought I had an okay manhood size until I met my current girlfriend. I’ve had other girlfriends and none of them made an issue out of the size of my manhood.

The last girlfriend I had before the current one almost always had kind words for me concerning my size. But this current girlfriend of mine makes it look like the size of my manhood is a curse.

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The first day she saw it, she screamed; “Is this for you alone or you borrowed another person’s own?” She said it with her eyes wide opened as if she was scared of something.

I got a little embarrassed but I kept it cool. The next morning when she sent me a WhatsApp message, she said, “extend my greetings to Rock of Ages.” I asked who rock of ages was and she said, “That big thing in between your thighs.”

Every new day comes with a new name for my manhood. I’ve tried telling her how uncomfortable her comments make me feel but it looks like she’s not getting the message.

Upon all the name calling, we’ve had no problems when it comes to s3x. It fits perfectly and everything she does during s3x shows she is enjoying every bit of the action all the way. But the next day, she’ll wake up and call my manhood any derogatory name that comes to her mind.”

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“How do I make her stop? How do I make her know I feel body shamed and it’s making me lose confidence in myself?”


Hello dear, I think you are being too serious here. A little joke sometimes helps to sweeten relationship and friendship.

It is a fact that you are heavily endowed down there, and it is a blessing and not a Curse.

Maybe she least expect that you are heavily loaded, judging from your looks and your posure. She is only expressing her surprise in a sarcastic way. So just take it as a joke and nothing serious.

You can also look for something on her to mock or tease her with whenever she calls your Gandoga names. That may get to her and make her stop calling those names.

You can also threaten her with a breakup if she calls your manhood names again. If she truly loves you and values your relationship, she will desist, but the negative effect will be that she won’t be honest and bold enough to tell you how she feels about you anymore. You will definitely not like that.

So I advise you to take her words lightly and just see it as a joke or a tease. She is obviously enjoying the “thing” and she will be so used to it soon. Also take your time during intercourse to avoid hurting her or shifting her womb….😊😊

Good Luck!

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