Shocking: I Found My Death Certificate and Wedding Certificate of My Husband and Another Lady…

I went to see my friend in Kumasi when I returned from Accra few days to see my parents. The issue is; my friend who is married for two and half years now has received the shock of her life. She found out her death certificate and other documents including her husband’s court wedding with another woman.

This man made my friend stop working few months before she gave birth and that she should just be a house wife and doesn’t want her to be seen out hustling like that meanwhile she is a health worker. The man is also a business man who does importation of clothes, shoes and other accessories for make up.

According to my friend, her husband started complaining of wanting to travel outside about a year now meanwhile he has a job doing here and my friend also supports home too. They have one child who is about 2 years now.

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They have their own place they stay and she doesn’t know what the husband really wants travelling outside. Of late he doesn’t even allow her go even within their neighbourhood not knowing he knew what he was doing.

Just last month, she was cleaning their room and packing some old stuffs out and found some envelope which when she became curious to find out what’s inside, lo and behold her death certificate and her husband’s new marriage certificate to one lady, who she suspect to be one of his friends she knew by the name when they were dating.

The lady has decided to help him travel out since she already stays there. From her findings, the husband was going out with this lady before he met her but she travelled out.

Upon meeting his husband somewhere last year, he told her his wife died in an accident they were involved in 2019. All these came out when my friend’s sister decided to find the where about of the new lady and she said all to my friend’s sis. She said all she knows is my friend was dead and she’s going to travel out of the country after the pandemic and so they got married in court in February this year.

She has confronted the husband and all he says; it’s none of her business. My friend has suffered so much with this man. Sometimes when his goods come and there is no much money, she takes some of her salary to help him clear the goods.

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Because of hard work, they were able to build their own house within their first year of marriage but now the man is saying if she doesn’t mind her business, she will move out of his house.
It’s now her parents who know about this and their counselor when getting married.

It’s like the man has no regret for his actions. She has not been able to reach the guy’s parents for now and its about a month she found out this.
I advised her to get the man arrested because you can’t prepare a death certificate for someone who is alive but she said no. The new lady is also not ready to let go because she also claims she helped my friend’s husband.

Please in your opinion, what should she do because she said she doesn’t want to leave her labour for another woman to enjoy. That she has invested so much and not working now so she can’t secure a new place.

How is it possible to get death certificate for someone when the person is alive and is there any way she can go to the registry to revoke the death cert and also claim her marriage because she also did the court one before the traditional and white wedding??

This is indeed shocking and heart breaking. However, these are not new cases in the world we live in today.

A desperate man can do desperate things to achieve his desires. So it is not impossible to arrange a death certificate for someone who is living.

Your concern right now should be the next action of your friend who is currently not safe under the present circumstances surrounding her marriage and her husband.

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A man who has gone all the way to arrange a death certificate for his wife can also go all the way to kill her for real if she stands on his way. So, I will strongly advise she quits the marriage as soon as she can. Her marriage has actually ended long before her discoveries. Continuing to hold on to such marriage means she will be marrying herself….as she will have no husband in the marriage. Her life is equally not safe.

She can sue the man for his actions and she can also file for equal right to the ownership of the house, especially if she has proofs of her financial involvement in the building of the house.

Her joblessness shouldn’t be a factor to consider in trying to stay put to the marriage. Once there is life, there is hope. She will survive and live a better life with her child without the presence of her husband. Things may be difficult at the beginning but certainly will change for better later. Good Luck to your friend!

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