Dating A Guy Who Doesn’t See Sense In Leaving His Parent’s House After Marriage

I am 28 years old and currently doing my own business. I’ve worked in the corporate organization before but two years ago, I decided to start my own drop shipping business which is doing well than I expected.

Not that I can’t rent a place of my own, but it doesn’t make economic sense when my parent own a five bedroom house in a prime area in Accra and I also happen to be their only child. Why rent a place and pay so much when I can invest that money into my business and grow it?

The last two women I dated left me because I still continue to live with my parent? One called me “Mummy’s Boy” only because I wanted to be home early before midnight to avoid being scolded by my parent.

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My immediate ex asked if we were going to continue living in my parent’s house after marriage and I answered: “If by that time business is good and there’s money, why should we?”

When she left me and I went to beg her, she used that answer as a reason she doesn’t see any future between us. I decided to let the women I approach know I live with my parent before I propose.

I have met two women who were very much into me but the day they visited and realized I live with my parent, their attitude towards me changed.

Does it mean I don’t deserve to be in a relationship just because I live with my parent?

It is so wrong that you don’t see anything wrong with it. Your parent’s house only becomes yours after their demise. Until then, if you intend dating and settling down, you would need to leave your parent’s abode to be on your own.
God was not stupid when he asked the man to leave his parent and cleave to his wife. Once the relationship is gravitating towards marriage, there is an utmost need to get a place of your own, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a big or expensive place but a modest place that won’t disrupt the growth of your business and still gives you and your spouse some sense of comfort.

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Sometimes, most times, until you leave your parents and those who have been your life support, you may not be man enough or woman enough to make a good husband or wife for your partner. Being alone gives you a whole lot of sense of responsibilities, the more your responsibilities, the more responsible you become.

However, there is no problem with your parents rule of being home by midnight so far as you are still under their roof. That discipline helps a lot when you don’t want to go about spending unnecessarily or getting yourself into any troubles. Good Luck!

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