Strange: Spiritually Married But Physically Single

After I completed JHS my mother started a renovation in our house. I and my siblings with other friends were helping in fetching sand and conveying cement blocks in our house. I remembered I picked one of the blocks and something beat me. It was a scorpion. There was this woman who applied hot ointment on my stomach but I was still feeling pains so my mom rushed home to take me to the hospital.

The woman saw a certain man passing by and called him to help me. The man removed a ring on his finger and put it on mine. He was tightening the ring until the pain stopped. My mom came and asked what the man did to me and I explained to her.

I started having bad dreams from that night. I got married to an old man in my dream without seeing his face but I clearly remembered the ring. I dreamt three different times giving birth to girls. I told my mom about it. All she could say was the dream is not good. I told a pastor about it and he prayed for me.

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I thought I was never going to have such dreams again but it got worse. I dreamt again that some people were asked to guard and protect me as a queen. They took me around the kingdom in the dream and all I could see was we were surrounded with water. They asked me to rest for the following day then I woke up. It got to a time that when I sleep I wake up exactly 12:00 am then sleep will be far from me when it’s 3:00am then I sleep. Someone might ask if I don’t go to church. Apart from me, my mom and siblings go to church occasionally.

I went to high school things were worse. I never enjoyed my sleep. I’m always having bad dreams. There was a day I slept on my bed and woke up on the school park. I went to knock and my colleagues came to open the gate for me. They all called me a witch so I never had any friend.

There was a time I didn’t sleep. Not that I didn’t want to sleep but sleep was far. Worse things happened whenever I prayed. After high school I started dating a guy and exactly after a month he lost his job and no company was ready to employ him. I broke up with him after 10 months of dating cos I didn’t want his life to be destroyed because of me. He got a different job two weeks after we broke up.

After 7 months I met another guy who was a mate to his father but sometimes drove his father’s car. We started dating and it happened again, things were getting tough for him. I called him one evening and I told him everything in order for him to decide if he can stay or leave but he wasn’t ready to leave me.

Just two months of dating me life was unbearable for him he didn’t complain too. There was a day he visited me but spent like five minutes and left. He came in the evening and told me he went to see his godfather. His godfather told him not to leave me cos I will make him successful. To me there was no sense in that cos it’s not possible. He left that night and started giving me attitude. He didn’t answer my calls or reply to my texts again but I was cool. I sent a break up text to him one night before he called telling he’s been going through a lot cos of me. He sleeps well when he doesn’t talk to me but he loves me just that he’s confused. I insisted and broke up with him.

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3 months after the break he called me and broke his news to me. He had been employed as a manager in one of the companies. I was happy for him.

Now he wants us to start all over again but I knew he’ll be fired if we get together again. I don’t know if there’s sense in what am sharing but i just want to clear my mind. For my dreams and how my life is now, I wouldn’t go into detail. I don’t need advice I just want to clear my mind and tell parents to be concerned about their children’s spiritual life

My dear, I am sure you already know what your problem is, hence you don’t need advice.

However, for the problem to have persisted for a long time now means you don’t have access to the solution yet.

When we get spiritually entangled with human beings or spiritual beings, we also need spiritual means to disentangle. You don’t fight spiritual battles with physical weapons. You will never win and be victorious.

Simply put, you need deliverance from that spiritual marriage and man. Since you’re a christian, it becomes imperative to continue to pray and fast fervently. You also need to connect with a good man of God who can help you get your freedom.

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Until you’re free, you can never enjoy your relationship or marriage with other another man because spiritual husbands or spouses are highly jealous and can be unexceptionally dangerous.

Don’t treat this with levity or nonchalance. This is a life matter, your future relationship bliss is in trouble and you may never be a happy woman all the rest of your life.

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