She Has Convulsion Whenever We have S*x

Six months ago, I married the woman I had dated for a year and half. S3x was the reason why she didn’t want to accept my proposal right from the beginning.

She said, “You guys, immediately we accept your proposal, the next thing is s3x. After s3x, your behavior changes and soon you’re be gone”.

I told her I wasn’t like that and the love I had for her was pure. She asked, “So would you agree not to have s3x until we are married?” I screamed, “Why not?” She said, “That’s what you all always say but soon you’ll start demanding for s3x.”

I wanted to prove her wrong so right from the beginning we both agreed not to have s3x until we are married.

A year and half later, we were married, and we had to cut our honeymoon short because my wife had convulsion on the first night we had s3x during the honeymoon. I was worried but she told me she was okay.

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We tried it another time and she had the convulsion again…this time more severe than the first. We needed to see the doctor immediately.

It was at the hospital I realized the condition has been with her all along and she knew about it but hid it away from me till now.

Some days she’s fine but some days too the convulsion comes when you least expect it and it spoils everything. Now our s3x life is deeply affected because we don’t know when we are going to have a convulsion free s3x.

I feel lied to and depressed. The marriage is only six months old but I’m fed up already. Is there something I can do to heal that once and for all?


She might be epileptic hence the convulsions are as a result of excitement during intercourse.

She’s stigmatized that’s why she hid it from you. You probably would have left her if you knew, and this may have been her experience over the years.
I’m sure that’s why she insisted no s3x because all her ex(es) left her right after that.

However, she was wrong to have hid her health condition from you especially when she knew you guys were taking the relationship a notch higher.

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If you really love her as much as you claim, then this is the time to prove it with your actions. Love is not only in words but in actions. Help her fight this together as your wife, it is not a terminal disease, it can be cured or reduced to the nearest minimal.

Get medical help and also try to visit a therapist as well as a marriage counselor. Be her hero and make a statement with your love for future generation. Good Luck!

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