Don’t Wait Until Your Heart Is Totally Shattered

The pain from a broken heart could be more excruciating than that of Corona Virus infection.

“I have been dating this lady for two/half years now. Everything moves on smoothly in terms of everything and I make enough time for her although I have a busy work schedule.

I made provision for most of her needs to the extent of even paying her rent just to make life much easier for her. Even though She is also working I can’t remember the last time had something from her.

The Issue at hand now is, she informed me of going to visit her parents at home due to an emergency. As usual, I told her that when she arrives, she should inform me, even though I will be checking up on her during her journey and yes she did call me.

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After three days on her arrival, I noticed that hardly does she answer my calls and even if she does, we talk for like one minute and she tells me she is busy and will call back but never did.

Today I have been calling her since morning but she does not answer. I decided to call her mom so I can speak with her daughter only for her mom to inform me that her daughter is not at her place(the parent home). When I heard that, my heart starting beating faster. After a while, I had a call from her come and see shouting, she is angry that I called her mom to ask of her whereabouts yet that was not my first time calling her mom.

After the quarrel, she admitted that she is not at her parents’ place and she is sorry for telling lies however she is at a friend’s place that is all I can know for now. Please is it normal for your girlfriend to tell you this on this paragraph?
I am in much pain writing this, I need your advice.”

You don’t have to be too pained or disappointed to lose your sense of reasoning.

Your girlfriend is with another man, whom she probably loves more than you. She is cheating on you bro.

But don’t quit the relationship on assumption until you have enough physical evidence for future sake.

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Be strong and be calm until she comes back. Don’t stop calling her and don’t be hostile to her otherwise she will put up a calculated resistance against you. She can also manipulate you to being the wrong person here.

However, start addressing your mind to move on without your girlfriend, this will reduce the pain of betrayal when you eventually catch her in the cheating act.

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