A Woman Has To Maintain Some Distance To Keep Her Blessing (Pride)

Man was free before woman came and they don’t ever like to lose their freedom for any reason. Even God, who created man, gave everything to man except Himself. He gave man freedom to choose between Him and the things He created. This is the extent to which man’s freedom could go.

Women are more emotional than men, this is one of the reasons they love more. But God, in His infinite wisdom mandated man to love his wife while the wife should submit and respect the man. With this way, relationship or marriage works better.

Policing and possessing your man won’t make him yours still. He will get bored around you soon and would put up a resistance subsequently. Your intentions may be good but your approach can spoil things for you.

Men like their space, they don’t want to be policed or chased about even when they are your husbands. They may enjoy that kind of attention to some points but sooner will snap out of it. This is why it is imperative for the man to love the woman more than she loves him. So the woman must create the avenue for her to be chased and loved more, not the other way round. This is a divine order from God. Once this divine mandate is changed, things fall apart.

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While most women are emotional, most men are logical and adventurous. Men always want to try new things, they always want to solve new problems. Men are easily bored because they can’t readily multitask. This is not same with women, women don’t like changes that much, because they are can do many things together at same time. There is no room for boredom with women, they know how to be busy sometimes, for nothing.

Women are complex in nature but are easily satisfied in character. Once they find comfort, they don’t want more changes. But with men, whilst they are slightly simpler in nature, they are hardly satisfied in character. They don’t like comfort for too long. The question: After this, what next… is constant with men. They don’t like over repetition of things, they just want same thing in different ways. But the woman want same thing in same ways as long as they are happy. The woman is good at repetition….she can say one word many times, she can do one thing repeatedly without needing a change. 

Every woman should understand their roles and rights before venturing into any kind of relationship, some women are doing very well in this regard too. The younger ladies, with less relationship experience should learn how to keep their God-given pride….that is their Blessing. Say: Yes but don’t give up your pride, maintain your distance always and let him constantly try to fill in the gaps. Be deliberate about actions but don’t be mechanical to avoid getting negative results. The goal is to maintain your blessing as a woman and to get the unflinching love of your man without being disrespectful or arrogant. So be focused by controlling your emotional givings.

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Let me reiterate, as a woman, don’t be clingy with any man….it will always end in tears. Say yes, fall in love with him, but maintain your pride, which is your blessing from God. When you lose your pride because of wrong actions and misplaced emotional demands, you will end up being a co-man there by losing the very essence of your womanhood. Be deliberate in your actions but don’t be mechanical in character so that you don’t lose yourself as a woman.

Take note: There is a thin line between relationship and marriage and most times they both intertwine. What works in relationship, works in marriage too and vice versa.

You must be a woman before you become a wife and you still remain a woman even as a wife. So, don’t allow marriage to take the pride of a woman from you, men don’t really want that.

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You don’t have to be too familiar with your husband and forget how you got him chasing after you when you were yet dating. This is the case with many women in marriage and it has taken away their blessing unknowingly to them. Most women get too familiar and forget the man always want “the strange woman”. This is because men want new things, they are not normal humans.

Constantly create avenue for him to discover you, like Adam did with Eve when he saw her the first time, he has to love you more than you love him….this is the original plan of God concerning relationship and marriage.
Ephesians 5:21-33.

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