Woman who was pregnant for 10 years gives birth

Woman who carried unborn baby in her womb for 10 years gives birth, reports have said.

The woman, a 23-year-old Togolese, has finally given after being pregnant for 10 years.

The lady, whom no one knows the man responsible for her pregnancy carried the pregnancy for ten years before recently giving birth.

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Elizabeth, who lives in Eiyeosoka village, Ofiki in Atisbo local government area of Oyo state, gave birth on March 20, 2020, around 7:45 pm at Alaafia Tayo Clinic and Maternity Home situated at Irawo-Owode road, Ofiki in Atisbo local government.

The lady’s father, Ahmadu Guruma Packal is reported to have told the doctor in charge of the hospital, Dr. Olawoyin David that they don’t know the true nature of her sickness because they have taken her to several hospitals, both orthodox and unorthodox, including Baptist Medical Centre, Saki but to no avail.

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Doctor Olawoyin said that the case might be fibroid before pregnancy because, after delivery, her stomach was still protruding as if there was another pregnancy in it.

Doctor Olawoyin explained that it is medically difficult for fibroid and foetus to stay together, adding that Elizabeth’s case was a mysterious one.

So far the baby still remains healthy and well as at today.

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