My Parents, Our Pastor And My Muslim Fiance.

Most times, sometimes life takes us to places we do not wish to go but later find all the happiness we really need there. This is mostly what happens with love affairs. The heart has a way of finding love with right persons in wrong places. This is the story of a descendant of Isaac and one offspring of Ismael.

She is a Christian and He is a Muslim

“I’m a young lady of 25 and I have been dating this guy for close to four years now. We love each other. In fact he is the only friend I have and the only person I really know I can depend on in times of need.”

“A year after we met he went to see my family for Introduction and he even went ahead and requested for a list and a date for a traditional marriage which my family agreed to but said it should be after my national service. “

“After my service NS, everything was ready and my parents now told him that they needed to see our pastor to see what he thinks about it. After seeing the pastor, he now requested my presence only to tell me he is not in support of the marriage because the guy is a Moslem.”

“From then, my parents have now started showing interest in my ex who is a Physician Assistant. They want me to go back to him but I left him because he never cared about me. He was always occupied with his work and his family and never helped me financially.”

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“What even pains me is that they now treat my guy as an outcast. In summary I am still with this my Moslem guy but there is no future for our relationship because I’m not sure my parents would allow us be together.”

“Should I move on or I should still hold on to him? Secondly after service I tried getting employment but to no avail. So I tried learning a trade but they wouldn’t agree because to them I need to get an office work because they can’t just waste their money on me for me to later tell them I want to learn a trade.”

“l have always listened to them but this time am confused. Please help me, should I listen to them or I should disobey them for my own good?”

MARRIAGE-CHRONICLES.COM: You are in love with your Muslim boyfriend but your parents and pastor are not. The feelings are different.

They have more experience than you and they are in a better emotional position to justify the future of your relationship. Their disapproval of your continual relationship with your boyfriend is based on the future.

You may be in love right now but you can’t determine what the love will become in the nearest future. Your parent and pastor stand a better chance of seeing farther than you in this regards because they are more emotional stable than you.

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May I remind you that those who are separating and filing for divorce at the moment were once strongly in love. But it got to a point that love wasn’t enough to keep their marriage going sweetly and smoothly.

I won’t advise you to be at loggerheads with your parents and pastor. One of the responsibilities of pastors is spiritual guidance to humanity while parents give physical guidance. And they are doing their job right.

So, start disconnecting from your Muslim boyfriend now unless you both agree to date without thinking about marriage. But at the end of the day, you don’t have all the time to be in a relationship that is going nowhere.

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You may not have to go back to your ex-boyfriend but if it’s okay for you then, go ahead and accept him back…. letting him know the things you didn’t like about him when you guys were dating. Good Luck!

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