You make me irresponsible when you don’t Demand-Boyfriend

A lady is going through tough times in her relationship on the count that she doesn’t demand for money from her boyfriend. The boyfriend is also disappointed over the fact that his girlfriend has never initiated love making.

He feels he is the only one pushing to make the relationship work and that doesn’t seem right for him to keep doing. He is strongly of the opinion that his woman should be able to put him on his toes, that’s the only way he can be a responsible man for himself and his woman.

“I have an issue that I’m very confused about”.

“I’ve been in a relationship with this guy for almost a year now. I’m a student at one of the tertiary institutions in Ghana. I don’t know how to demand from my guy.:

“Even my own parents, I find it difficult to demand from them when I’m in school, till they send me money. I am not be able to ask them despite the fact that they are my own biological parents and I know for sure I will get it when I ask them but the morale to ask is not there.”

“Now to my issue, this guy I’m talking about is now telling me I’m making him irresponsible cos I’m not demanding from him. According to him, a guy becomes responsible with the help of his lady and also with his past relationships, the ladies were demanding which helped him to man up. So, if I’m not ready to help him be the responsible guy he is, then we will have to break up. At first he used to be sending me money at the beginning of every week, but now he insists I must ask before he sends it, me too I can’t ask and I’m not bothered about.”

“He is very cool, caring, everything that will make a lady appreciate her man but this money issue is becoming a huge bridge which I know it will be very impossible to cross, same with s3x. He wants me to initiate a move cos he says he is fed up always making a move when it comes to love making”.

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“Seriously I’m confused, I really love him and wish we would be the happy lovers we used to be but it seems impossible. Now he is telling me if I love him and want to keep him, I will make an effort to make him stay by asking for money. The s3x though is also a bother but his main issue is my inability to ask for money.”

“What should I do now? Since I can’t demand for him to be happy yet he is blaming me that I don’t love him.”

MARRIAGE-CHRONICLES.COM: The strength of a good relationship is anchored on Love, Communication, Commitment and Agreement. These are some of the most vital ingredients that help every relationship and marriage to grow and live on.

People don’t change ordinarily, nobody wants to change for no reason. People are changed by mostly external drive. And as they keep changing positively, they keep living better on earth.

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So in relationship, partners are expected to agree on vital issues that will help the relationship to produce desired results for them. From this agreement comes Change. Once you have chosen to partner with someone, your choice will place a demand on you. Which means you must be ready to dance to the tunes of each other for the relationship to be sweet.

The problem here is very infinitesimal. Some ladies are earnestly wishing to have a man like yours. Not all men are readily discretionary in nature. Most would always have to be moved before they act, especially when they are busy with their financial goals.

So, if you really love your man and you want to keep your relationship with him, start learning how to change. This shouldn’t be difficult to do. If you can’t make verbal demands, use letters and text messages.

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See him as part of you and not your parents or a distant relation. With this, you won’t be too shy or proud to slide in his requests. It helps to spice up your relationship and as well give your man the necessary push he needs to be a responsible man. Good Luck!

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