It all started when I left my phone at his place

The same phone you trust so much will give up you for crucifixion someday. Your phone can’t be trusted after all.

My relationship is going down and I don’t want to lose my boyfriend I really love him so much.

So yesterday I went to sleep over and we had a good time together Iike never before. We had the best cuddling from dusk to dawn 😊😊

It was in the morning and I had to rush home and get prepared for work, so on my way going I remembered I left my phone behind but it was off. I decided not to go back and pick it.

I got home, get ready for work and I remembered I left my charger too but wasn’t scared that much because we don’t touch each other’s phone.
I got to my work place and used my office line to call it but the phone I knew was off the whole night was going through. That’s when I begun to panic.

I rushed to his house and to my surprise babe was charging the phone. Still I wasn’t feeling normal so I went for my phone and ask him for money but he didn’t mind me and went back sleep😔😔

I then asked him why he’s not responding to me and he said he doesn’t want to talk but I kept pressuring him because I needed money

Babes just asked “Who is George ?….💔💔… In my mind I said “Holy Jesus” am died

So quickly I checked my WhatsApp and I realized he had read all my messages between I and the guy

The George and I are in a relationship but nothing goes on between us though we do flirt when chatting. I tried to explain myself to babe but he said he didn’t want to hear me and I should go to work.

I tried all I can but he didn’t want to talk. I have tried to call but he won’t answer.
Pls I really need your advice on how to save my relationship.
Note : The 2nd guy and I are in a relationship but nothing intimate than phone chat has happen between us.
I’ve been so worried and can’t stop crying…😭😭😭

I’m sure by now you have realized your mistakes and wished it never happened. Anyways, the mistake has been made but the consequence just started and it may not end soon.

Your boyfriend is so disappointed in you right now and no amount of explanation from you will change things back to normal just yet. So just as you took time to build a platonic relationship with another guy, so you will give him time to heal from the shock and disappointment you caused him.

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He is equally reacting this way to you because he loves you. And it is normal for him to react this way. So, give him time to heal.

All you need to do now is to plead and keep pleading for forgiveness while you make him a promise never to do it again. Don’t try to explain anything because he took his time to read between the lines of your flirty conversation with George. Avoid calling him, just send him a long text.

Also let him know that you deserve whatever he decides to do with you and that even if he decides to leave you, it won’t be out of place because you deserve it. But tell him that you’re ready to do whatever he asks you to do, just to save your relationship with him. Remember not to call him on phone or visit him during this time. Just text him.

Your letter (text message) apology and physical withdrawal will do the magic. Send him text message once in the morning and send him another one at night but don’t go to him until he calls you. If he truly loves you, he will start missing your physical presence and he will also start thinking that you may probably be seeing George at this point. Nobody leaves the one they love just for another person overnight. His curiosity will push him back to you and when he comes to you, remember not to be excited at first. The reason is that you have to be sure that he’s forgiven you.

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He needs to genuinely forgive you to bring back the trust he had for you so, be mindful of his reactions and actions at this point. Now, when you’re sure of his forgiveness, end everything with George in his presence, this will replace his confidence and trust in you. Good Luck!

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