Four (4) significant behaviours that can ruin father-child relationship

Children naturally have a huge expectation of their fathers, apart from the inherent fact that fathers are like superheroes who get the tough jobs done. They are also seen as the role models empowered with the life lessons their children need to navigate through life. A happy home is an extension of the attributes of two parents who genuinely care about each other and make the necessary sacrifice to ensure that the home is a happy place for themselves and their children. However, many children today are no longer enjoying a good father-child relationship because of the unscrupulous behaviours of fathers they once admired.

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Abusive dad

Every child wants a father who can protect them from harm outside their homes. But when the father himself becomes the perpetrator at home, it can throw the family into apprehension and ruin the relationship between him and his children too. You cannot be seen as a good father to your children and play double standard with your spouse by being an abusive husband. Children are often emotionally attached to their mothers and when you abuse your wife, you are inescapably abusing your children too.

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Abuse is a crime against humanity. When you bully and humiliate your wife in the presence of your children, you are emotionally abusing her. When your children watch you humiliate their mother, they may resent you in retribution and this can ruin your relationship with them forever.

Negligent dad

There are many pressures facing children today which cannot be overemphasised, and many fathers have been blamed for not making enough sacrifice to ensure that their children have the best possible outcome in life. Every child needs the support and advice of their father every step of the way but when you are laid back and incapable of meeting the needs of your family, your child may never see you as the answer to their worries too, leaving them vulnerable enough to trust strangers instead.

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Perfectionist dad

Making mistakes is an essential aspect of a child’s development giving him reasons to do things differently and learn a new way each time. A dad who demands perfection from his child always may be setting him up for failure and anything less than expectation will never be good enough. Your child will be cautious about sharing things with you because of your high expectations. This feeling of incompetence can affect your child’s attitude to life leaving him seeking perfection and approval and when unattainable, he can become unhappy and depress.

Unfaithful dad

One of the duties of a responsible father is showing his children the acts of caring, honesty and consistency. All these attributes start from your relationship with your spouse as children are more likely to practise what they see. When you are unfaithful to your spouse, there are certainly behaviours you will exhibit intentionally or accidentally around your family. Your dishonesty will certainly have the worst impact on your children leaving them feeling angry, fearful, resentful, isolated, guilt and even dishonest too because of your own betrayal.

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