I keep finding lubricants and condoms in my husband’s stuffs

Marriage indeed is full of issues. When you think you know your partner enough, you just might be knowing them all over again.

I keep finding lubricants and condoms in my husband’s stuffs. He travels often and always returns with new ones. I searched his phone and everything and he’s obviously not cheating with a woman because I checked all the women in his WhatsApp contacts list.

We don’t use condoms and lubricants too. So I just kept praying for God to show me what’s really happening. So one day he requested for anal s3x!!! I was speechless so I asked why and he said it’s cos I’m neat and attractive.

Anal s3x….hmmm!! So I asked if he’s done it before and he said “Yes”. ….(note that he was horny so will give any answer I needed). I asked how he does it and he said that’s why he has lubricants and condoms.

“The lubricants get the place wet and the condoms make it easy to enter”. I was speechless again. I wanted to ask further questions when his mom called so, the mood switched.

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Now I’m wondering…could my man be gay or bisexual? We have a son already and he doesn’t show any sign of cheating too apart from these condoms and lubricants. I am so confused and don’t know what to do. How do I get to the root of this?

Marriage-Chronicles.com: Your husband is obviously a bisexual. He likes anal s3x and constantly having new lubricants and condoms indicates that he is cheating on you with other people.

However, he may not necessarily be cheating with a man but the indications favor a male partner more.

Also, if he is not a gay at the moment, there is the tendency that he may become one soon.

You have to find a good time to engage him in a conversation about the situation at hand. You may have to find out why and when did he start indulging in anal s3x?

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You don’t have to be aggressive or apprehensive about this otherwise you may aggravate things and your marriage will suffer the consequences.

Also, be aware that if you give in to his request for anal s3x, you may not be able to stop him and may also get addicted to it. Not that it is bad but it is a taboo in many cultural and religious climes around the globe.
There are also a couple of risks to anal s3x.

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The tissue and skin around the anus acts as a protective barrier for the bottom half of your digestive tract. However, the tissue inside the anus is thinner, delicate, and more likely to tear and bleed as a result of penetration. This increases the likelihood of passing infections, viruses, or bacteria between partners. Even two partners who don’t have any Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) can still pass bacteria between each other through these tears in the skin.

Like the vagina, the anus has bacteria. An STI isn’t the only thing you have to worry about sharing with anal s3x. Bacteria living in or near the anus can be easily spread if you don’t take precautions to tidy up after anal penetration.

Sometimes, Money and Love Can’t Keep a Woman

When using a condom, be sure he removes it and roll on a new one before moving on to vaginal s3x. If he is not wearing a condom, be sure he washes thoroughly before vaginal s3x. Bacteria, such as hepatitis A and E. coli, can be spread from unclean anal s3x practices.

With Anal s3x, the man can easy reach orgasm but the woman won’t reach orgasm unless the clitoris is engaged alongside. So, for both of you to enjoy it, he needs to be patient and selfless too. Good Luck!

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