Some Men Can Be Too Selfish And Insensitive

So my Girlfriend thinks I’m selfish and self centered because I came back to Africa not long before the Lock down. I was in Europe.

When I came, my big sister who is a nurse insisted I test for this Covid-19 even though I had no symptoms so, I did the test and it came out positive. I started having some mild symptoms like cough and sore throat and all but the doctor who was my sister’s husband advised we keep it a secret and they treated me.

I got better within 5 days. Now, when I came down, I invited my girlfriend over several times during the lockdown. Because of how much I missed her, I couldn’t think of the danger involved in exposing her to the sickness and also I never mentioned it to her that I was unwell.

She told me that sometimes the police disturbs her when she’s driving to my house but I insisted she came. You know when man is on heat we don’t hear word….lol. So we met several times during the lockdown. Although it was against her wish because she was scared of the police but I didn’t mind driving over to her end as well.

FF, just about 2 weeks ago, she became ill. She also went to test and she was positive for Covid-19 so, she’s currently under Quarantine at her grandmother’s place. So during a conversation, I mistakenly mentioned it to her that I was also infected but it’s nothing serious so she should relax.


You need to see the anger she expressed. She got so pissed at the fact that I never told her about it, and that I risked her life by forcing her to see me just because of my selfish sexual gains. And that I am very evil. I don’t care about her and a whole lot. Saying she was rather scared she had exposed me to it because we met not quite long ago and she was worried sick about me, not knowing I don’t give a f!ck about her and I have kept it all to myself. She said no amount of sorry and explanation I will give about the doctor’s advice will make sense to her.

In fact, for the first time in our 2 years relationship, she blocked me everywhere. I had to use my brother’s number to call her to unlock me. Honestly, I’ve never seen her this angry.

She called me yesterday to tell me that what I did has really upset her and she can’t seem to forget about it. And that, she has been thinking of all the things I’ve been doing……like forcing her to come to my house, even when she had work or class, like persuading her to have s3x, even when she’s not in the mood. Like me wanting everything my way and that she’s hurt at the fact that she didn’t see those things as red flags. She thought oh it’s normal until this Covid-19 issue then she realized I can go to any extent to have my satisfaction without considering her…

My worry now is, she says she needs space..because she’s so hurt and upset but I can’t go a day without hearing from her. In fact I’m so tempted to text her but I promised to obey her decisions. I’m so sad I don’t even know what to do…
I really need an advice on how to go about things…because I’m hurting and don’t want to lose her as well. You’re not only selfish and self-centered, you’re also very deceitful and insensitive.

If you say “she thinks you’re selfish and self-centered”, it means you still haven’t realized the enormity of what you did. You’re only being sorry because you don’t want to lose her. You don’t really seem to care about the fact that she is battling with a virus that has claimed the lives of thousands of people across the globe. You must remember to remind yourself that the world doesn’t only revolve around you. Relationship strength anchors on trust, true love and commitment to set goals. This is a shared responsibility of both partners.

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That you were successfully cured doesn’t mean every other person stands same chance. So, you should leave the selfish and self-centered zone and pray very hard she gets well soon. Otherwise, you will be sorry forever. When she is cured and healthy again, then you can talk about relationship and love because these two are only for the living.

So, start sending messages to encourage her in this trying time, not about relationship and love affair but about her health and life. Let it be about her now and not you. Once she gets back, then you can go all the way to let her know how sorry you’ve been. She might forgive you and take you back. But if she doesn’t accept you back, then learn your lessons and move on.

Also help others to stay safe. Start helping the government trace all those you and your girlfriend were in close contacts with during this period and let them all go for the Covid-19 test. Stay safe and stay focused.

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