Sometimes, Money and Love Can’t Keep a Woman

 …………I’ve been so confused this whole weekend cos I gave them all.

My fiancee and I have known each other for 10 years but started dating seriously for 3 years now. She had a serious relationship which fell on the rocks and that’s how we became close and started dating.

Just recently I had to meet some clients. Dinner was on me but I’ve been having problems cashing out money using ATM ever since I got back from the States. I had to call her to go to my place for some cash and meet me half way which she did. She went back to wait for me.

Later I checked my CCTV cameras and saw a 4×4 dropped her off around the time I told her to pick up the cash, waited, drove off with her (to meet me) and drove her to the house again. She was in the car for about 30 minutes before getting down. The interesting thing is when she met me at the roundabout, she was in a taxi…..and not the 4×4 car.

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I asked her later and no better response. Just this Friday, I saw her selfies with a guy wearing just jeans in a room, she didn’t show the face. I asked and she said he’s a fitter who works on her colleague’s car. Then yesterday, I went through her pictures and she was lying on the naked guy, same room, he’s wearing same jeans and he was holding her buttocks.

I gave the phone to her without moving from the gallery,
she looked confused when I didn’t ask questions and left.

I’ve spent on this girl, I’ve been there for her. I’m not bragging but I’m the reason why she has a place to live with her parents, clothes, shoes to buy, school fees paid (parents couldn’t afford uni so took her to learn hairstyling. I took her to tertiary), trips outside, expensive phones.

I called my big brother this dawn to let him know the wedding has been cancelled. We were planning on going to court next month and fly out for our honeymoon when the restrictions have been lifted. He says I should confront her but is it necessary? The evidence is there.

PS: I checked the photo details and she took the photos 2 weeks ago.

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You haven’t lost anything. She has. Take it that you helped a stranger who needed help.

It’s good you found out now. If not, you’d be married to her and she’ll be sleeping around at every slightest opportunity. She might even end up having all your kids with other men thereby fathering kids not from your loins.

For all you may know, she is mainly with you for the financial helps, which is not enough for her. Hence, she needs more men to sort her financial needs and sexual needs as well. That is an ungratefulness…..nothing seems enough for the ungrateful.

Confront her but don’t continue the relationship. People can be sorry for their actions but not changed. You can’t certify if she’s changed until time proves so.

Sometimes, Love and Money is not enough to keep a woman

The feeling of someone being indebted to people may silent their honest remarks about how they feel to the one they are indebted to. So, you may have to find out from your girl why she is cheating on you.

For you not to know what she has been doing and the photos she has on her phone shows that you haven’t been paying much attention to her other needs. Women, all over the world, value the attention of those they love a lot. And some will end up cheating when their emotional needs are not met.
Good s3x is another factor that can’t be overemphasized here. So confront her to learn more about women’s needs.

Finally, you will also end up having trust issues, which won’t do you both well in that marriage. So, take is that your time, effort, love and money were invested in a wrong venture and move on. Take your time, start all over and you will find a loyal woman to marry. This won’t be easy for you in the interim but you will be happy much later. On the other hand, you may have to forgive her and continue with the relationship. Good Luck!

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