My man is having a child with a married woman

The moment I knew he had a child with a married woman, I got lost in thought.

The lady wanted to have his child because he’s handsome and she wanted to have beautiful/handsome children. And both of them have pledged to keep it a secret.

I chanced on their chats just yesterday, and I’ve taken screenshots of their chat. At the moment I have the lady’s number too. I don’t know what to do. I want to inform the husband but how??? And I don’t even know how to go about the whole issue.

The child is about two years old and the husband of the lady is the one taking full responsibility of the child. I’m in a state of shock because I remember asking him whether he has a child and he denied it.

Please what should I do about this situation. And I’m pleading and urging all married men to do DNA on their children if they have the means because some women get married to men they have no love for and cheat on them after marriage, Giving them other men’s children for them to take care of. You didn’t mention what kind of man he is to you. So I will assume he is just your boyfriend.

Having your boyfriend cheat on you with a married woman to the extent of having a child with her, for over two years, just could mean he prefers her to you. Unless he started that affair before meeting you. But if he met the married woman when you were already in a relationship with him, it means he may not be having future plans for you.

However, you’re not going to be the reason for the chaos that may lead to a broken marriage of the married woman. So, I will advise you draw the attention of your boyfriend to what you found out about him and the married woman. Have him tell you why and how he’d do such thing. Then find out what his plans are for you in the whole of this situation. Make sure you get control of your emotions to avoid blowing things out of proportion.

I will also advise you to quit the relationship for now…..this will be difficult for you in the interim but it will save you a lot of tears in the nearest future. You just need to give your man some time and space to sort things out.

Do not confront the married woman and don’t go looking for her husband to spill things out to him. Let your man deal with the whole thing while you stay far away to avoid them conspiring against you. Situations like this can bring a lot of troubles that you can’t imagine, so be more rational than emotional…for your safety sake. Good Luck!

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