Married But Pregnant For Her Ex-Boyfriend

My sister has been married for the past 3 years without a child. She has gone to different hospitals and yet no positive results.

Ff, somewhere around September she came to me complaining about some changes in her husband’s behaviour…. even to the extent that the man refused to perform his bedroom duties. This happens to be a couple who are trying to have a child. I advised her and she left but didn’t complain about it again.

Somewhere in January my sister called a family meeting that she wanted a divorce. My mum didn’t buy the idea, although the reason for the divorce was because the man went outside to have a baby and started maltreating and calling her barren hmmmm.

My sister claimed that she went to the hospital somewhere in February and met her ex. He was the Doctor that attended to her. This guy was serious about marrying my sister but my mom didn’t allow that.

One thing led to the other and they had s3x. I don’t know if it’s fortunate or unfortunate but she’s now pregnant for her ex. Her husband got to know and he asked my sister to keep the child but shouldn’t let the other guy be aware of it.

She agreed and decided to move on with her marriage but someway somehow the other guy got to know about it and he is also furious that if they don’t give him the right to the child he’ll sue them.

Now the interesting part of the story is that, the baby that my brother in law supposedly fathered and started mistreating my sister wasn’t his son and he later got to know that he can’t father a baby so that’s why he was trying to hide the pregnancy from the other guy.

Now the question is, the other guy is ready to marry my sister if she wants to and the husband is pleading for forgiveness over his previous actions. So, do you think she should stay in the marriage or leave for her ex who’s the biological father she is carrying? The man didn’t do well by going out cheating on his wife in search of a child. Also insulting and calling her barren was an irresponsible and unkind thing to do to his wife.

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On the other hand, your sister, his wife has no moral justification to cheat on her husband with her Ex. It would have been okay if she divorced her husband, then go for her ex…..that’s more honorable and divine.

Having a child for another man whilst you are still married is an off-beat move. As long as the marriage persists, the child has an infidel as a mother. She can never be proud to tell her story to that child. Also, a time will come and the husband may not accept the child anymore. So many issues will arise in the nearest future.

Accepting to remain married to her husband means accepting to have one child forever, unless there is a miracle or another illicit affair. Both spouses may not want to live with such situation forever. Once her ex (baby daddy) takes over the child, your husband will have no child or nothing to hold on to from her infidelity…..which he is trying to console himself with.

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So, it is advisable she divorces the husband, takes some time out before jumping into marriage with her ex. That will be more honorable to do.
She also needs time to learn about her ex and she has to be sure he(ex) won’t distrust her in the future. Owing to the fact that she cheated with him whilst still legally married.

History just have a way of repeating itself and at this moment she doesn’t know what future holds for her. So, to avoid being in this kind of situation again, she has to take her time to know what exactly she wants in the future. Good Luck!

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