Just When I Thought We Have A Future Together

What you need to know about marrying a Sickle Cell(AS) Carrier when you are AS.

After I got to know I was AS, I have had my fair share of rejecting good men because they were AS.

I went on a relationship break for some time and then had this wonderful male friend we were just cool within few days. I told him about me being AS and urged him to check his status. It delayed and we got more closer and attached to each other.

Within six months of knowing each other he decided to go see my parents, then I became firm on knowing his status. He finally went in for the test and came out to be AS.

Hmmm entire being was shattered and heart broken. Because this is someone who loves me more than I do and adores me like I’m the only woman left on earth. He’s everything I have wished for so, letting him go was a difficult one.

He spoke to a doctor and he said he shouldn’t continue. Then he came to me and said I can’t let you go for any reason… not even this. He started researching into the treatment and options available and he has become very difficult to convince.

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Half of me wished we are married having a healthy kids, my other half also keep asking what if and what if not.

Am still with him anyways because letting us go is not his option neither is it mine but am also very scared of what future will bring.

Though people believe AS is a milder form of SS to me they are all considered as sickle cell carriers. I need encouragement because letting go is not an option now……He’s a man I would love to spend the rest of my life with.


I went to the City of Hope Fertility Center to make some enquiries. There is hope for partners who are both AS…there are two tried and tested treatments available…for ensuring you do not have sickle cell children…PGD and PISCES.

PGD is Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, which is the genetic profiling of embryos prior to implantation.

PISCES is Pre – Implantation Sickle Cell Elimination Services.

PGD goes for around $900-$1000 and PISCES is over $5000.

I know some people might complain of costs. However considering the amount we generally spend on weddings and funerals. The minimum cost of $1000 per child to spend the rest of your life with your partner of choice who is also AS, is not unreasonable in my opinion. Earlier this year, my own sister who is in the same predicament had a healthy bouncing baby boy!

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Please, the likelihood of SS when both parents are AS is well known, let us not however drown out the fact that there are solutions. People should make informed decisions based on both the problem and solution available…not just the problem!

I would advice couples in such dilemmas to seek medical advice at City of Hope Accra, Ghana, in order to make an informed decision. ( The staff and doctors are very welcoming!) If you’re outside Ghana, you can also visit a good medical center for more information about your Genotype status and its solution. Good Luck!

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