Why I Can’t Love Him Anymore

She Can Fall out of Love with You if You Run out of Cash…..Women don’t like broke guys.

Am 25 and he is 26 and already had a daughter with another woman before we started dating and we have been dating for one and a half year. Am a university graduate and doing my National Service now at a health center in Kumasi while he is a sales guy at a shop in town which I never mind because I love him very much.

Everything was okay until this pandemic(covid 19) came. My boss is a gynecologist and also treats cancer patients. So before the lockdown, one of our patients came to the hospital with her son and daughter and because of how I treat every person I meet, all our patients have been talking good about me. So the woman linked me to her son who is 42 and divorced with one child.

And it was even through me that the woman had her surgery early and has even started her radiotherapy. This has even made their family adore me more.

The problem now is that after the lockdown, my boyfriend stopped going to work due to his personal reasons and has been staying home doing nothing. And note; since the lockdown, the woman’s son, who’s gone back abroad where he lives, has been sending me money.

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And I sometimes send some money to my guy during the lockdown and still sending him even after the lockdown. I’ve been using this same money to cook for him, get him airtime when he needs it and even buy some clothes and other things for him. I celebrated my birthday this month not long ago and my guy couldn’t even buy me a pin as a present. I was not bothered because the man from abroad sent me money for my birthday with which I organized a party and invited my guy and his friends and they all came to drink and party.

My problem now is, am getting fed up with him because he is not helping me with anything, rather it’s me who is providing for him now.

I just went to campus and paid money for my certificate and also bought KNUST forms because I want to further my degree and this guy couldn’t give me anything.

I think the love I have for him is fading away and I don’t know whether to leave him and be with the man abroad. I am afraid his friends and others will think am being greedy but they don’t know what I’ve been going through.

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Note that the man from abroad has never asked me for s3x since we first met nor even asked for my nude pics since he left. Am also afraid that people may think am with him because of his money. Please help me out because am so confused right now. I am falling in love with the guy from abroad because of how caring he is.

Marriage-Chronicles.com: Love is sweet but when money is involved it becomes sweeter.
However, a good relationship shouldn’t be built on the availability of money or material things. Rather, love and relationship should be built on values, vision and compatibility. The reason is because money and material things can disappear overnight but vision last overtime.

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A poor man is not the man without money but the man without vision. The driving force of Hard-work is Vision. Most lazy men have no vision, no drive, so no need to try.

That the one you claimed to love doesn’t have money or a job now doesn’t mean he won’t have some day. The future of every human is hidden and nobody, except God knows it. We can only make predictions about future based on vision and the value system of people.

So instead of writing off your boyfriend because he can’t take care of your financial needs today, I will rather advise you to have a good conversation with him, where you find out what his plans for future are. Then you can also encourage and support his plans instead of cooking and buying material things that won’t last for him. This is one of the reasons God created the woman, for her to help the man. Helping a man to stand and be a responsible man is the best gift you can ever give to him. In case your relationship naturally doesn’t work, you will have left an indelible mark in his life, that he will always live to remember you for.

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On the other hand, the man from abroad may be helping you financially now because he hasn’t gotten between your thighs yet. Some men can be all nice and caring at the beginning of a relationship, especially when they haven’t had a feel of the woman’s vajajay. So it is almost difficult to conclude now until time reveals his true identity through the real intentions of his heart.

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