Old Firewood Actually Burns Better

My girlfriend’s Ex visited her and spent about four days with her though she said she didn’t agree to him coming over to her place. She was at work when he called her he was coming but she thought he was joking. The ex actually called her earlier and wanted them to talk and my girlfriend said she’s busy but the guy said he wanna come over because it’s not an issue to be talked over phone.

So when the ex got to her workplace, she gave him her room keys since he already knows her apartment.

From the time the ex visited her, she doesn’t pick up my morning calls, she now called me from workplace before she gets home. When I call her while I know she’s at home, she won’t answer the phone. This happened from one Saturday to one Tuesday night. On Wednesday morning she called me in the morning and I realized probably the ex boyfriend had left. Later in the evening she called me and told me everything and how it happened. She said she caught the ex flirting with another lady and when she confronted him, he said it’s normal, not long the guy asked her for space. So they didn’t actually break up, they were only having issues and there was break in communication between them.

After that she met me and we started a relationship. She said she thought she could move on with me, that she thought has lost him but he doesn’t want to accept the fact that he has lost her. Those were her words, that. the guy actually came to beg. She said they’ve been through a lot and there’s this connection between them. The guy knows if he doesn’t come closer there’s no way an apology on phone will work….hence, the reason why he came to her place .

In fact I was mad at her. She apologised for breaking my heart and doing that to us. I have been telling her my ex girlfriend equally wants me back but I decided to move on with her. I realized she didn’t believed me so I later sent her screenshot of my ex wanting me back. When she saw it, then she called crying I should give her another chance, I was hurt and I told her it’s gonna be hard, because I don’t think I’m gonna love her like I used to and she became mad at me.

I realized what I said to her wasn’t right, I called her and apologised. Now, I realized I still love her but she said she wanna be left alone now. I thought I could make her change her mind if I get closer to her. I went to her place and she couldn’t even look me in the eye, she looked elsewhere before she talked to me.

I want my girlfriend back, what should I do please.

It’s been 6 days already without contacting her.

Marriage-Chronicles.com: Sometimes the issues of the heart are beyond human understanding. When it comes to relationship, the odds just could be too much to bear, hence Apostle Paul said: “If it is possible don’t marry”.

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Life sometimes will give you what you don’t want whilst you want what you can’t get. That is to say man is limited in wants. Not everything we can control as humans, especially when it comes to love and life.

Your girlfriend apparently has a strong affinity for her ex, getting her to be yours alone may take you more than necessary to achieve. Unless her ex is totally out of her reach and vice versa. But be sure that whenever they get in contact, the love fire will burn profusely again.

So I will advise you to quit the relationship, accept your ex back if you still love her or move away from both women until you find yourself the woman who will love and respect you as much as you deserve.

You may also try to engage your girlfriend in a conversation and have her tell you exactly what she want…if you or her ex. This will also help you to decide your next line of action. Good Luck!

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