Fatherhood Is The Change The World Want To See

If every man will be a good father, the world will be a better place for all. It’s not enough to be a man, future change rest on the shoulders of good fathers, so every man should be one.

The ills and odds of the world today stem from misplaced fatherhood. Once Fathers get it right at home, the world will make things right for humanity.

The place of a father in the home cannot be undervalued especially in modern society where many families live under the pressures of life’s numerous challenges and  fear of the unknown. Fathers are known to provide the strong safety and support every child requires to positively transit to adulthood.

Father’s Day is celebrated across the world to emphasise the role of fathers in society and to appreciate fathers and men who have stood in the place of fathers and continued to make the much needed sacrifices for their children both young and old. Unfortunately, not every man has the potential to be a dad, “it takes a real man to be a dad.”

You can’t give what you don’t have

Today many men have fallen short of their fatherly expectations due to several underlining issues both physical, financial, emotional, and intellectual undermining the importance of fatherhood in the present-day family settings. Some fathers today are products of their own challenging childhood having suffered from years of abuse and neglects within their dysfunctional families. Many men are still traumatised even as adults living with the resentment and masculinity which require that they maintain the status quo that transitioned them into incompetent fathers today.

Children can’t be what they can’t see

The truth is that historical abuse can cause depression and anger in adults living with the trauma of yesterday and this can impact on a father’s capacity to love himself or process the emotional intelligence to nurture his own children. Many social vices perpetrated by children today are linked to the impact of their absentee fathers.

Also, an abusive or aggressive father cannot expect to raise a loving son. You can only reap what you have sowed in the hearts and lives of your children as children are more likely to emulate the behaviours of the adults in their lives. Your children cannot be what they cannot see.

Become the change you want to see

The world has become more vulnerable for children today as they are constantly contending with many challenges and keeping up with the pressures of social changes. To be a child today is to become vulnerable which can make children feel insecure and susceptible to harm, abuse, and exploitation. Every child deserves a father or role model to hold their hands and help them navigate these possible dangers and fathers who can deliver the changes they desire to see today.

Fatherhood is a selfish act

On a positive note, there are many fathers out there making huge impacts and enhancing the lives of their children as well as ensuring that the home is a safe and happy place. Fatherhood is a selfless and deliberate responsibility and fathers who make the sacrifice to nurture and educate their children are more likely to enjoy their old age. The sacrifices you make today can make the differences your children need to have positive outcomes tomorrow. Children who spend quality time with their fathers are more likely to become more confident and stable in their adult life.

On this occasion, we celebrate all heroic father who give their time, love, and care to their children each day, it is a huge sacrifice and only real fathers can honestly stand and be counted.

Happy Father’s Day from Marriage-Chronicles.com.

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