Story: No Orgasm in Six Years of Marriage

Hi, am 28yrs married for 6yrs with two kids.

I met my husband as a “ladies man” and I was a virgin by then but I accepted him, dated for 2yrs and got married.

My husband is such a wonderful and a loving husband but our s3x life is boring. At first I used to think that’s how s3x is so, I kept wondering how people talk so good about s3x cos for 8yrs now since I met my husband, I have never enjoyed s3x.

The highest minute he has obtained during s3x is 2mins so I decided to learn more from reading and watching talk shows in other to spice things up. I tried to apply what I learnt on him and he told me am spoilt now and that keeping long on s3x is waste of energy but I also want to feel this orgasm ladies talk about some.

I once managed to make him finger me (we never do foreplay . He just comes, puts saliva on his Gandoga and straight to penetration, does his 2mins something and gets up). And I was really enjoying it though was feeling some pains there before I knew it, he just put the pen in and there he cums.

I then got up to wash down then I realized there were scratches on my vajay and his nails weren’t long too. Was wondering what he was doing to the other ladies before we met. His actions shows he’s not ready to learn but I also want enjoy this s3x and orgasm some. How do I go about it?

Marriage Chronicles: Enjoying sexual intercourse should be mutually achieved. Though have often times read and heard stories of how different couples complain and fight over this same issue.

As married couples, you must know that S3x is one of the expressions of love and it is one of the strongest tool for bonding in marriage. Its importance in your union can not be overemphasized.

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So many marriages and relationships have been battered due to the issue of love making. Most suffering partners resort to cheating and other extra-marital affairs. Some resort to the usages of s3x objects like dildos and vibrators. While the men who won’t cheat on their wives develop the habit of masturbation. All of these exigencies have implicit effects on the sweetness and progress of the marriage.

Now, your man is good but overtly egocentric and selfish. His response to your sexual desire is eccentric and obsolete. If he is working too hard and always tired from stress, it will affect his performance in bed. So, you may have to find out what’s informed his sexual weakness and nonchalance towards you by engaging him in peaceful conversation whenever he’s in a good mood. Don’t talk about it in a quarrelsome or warlike manner. You may never achieve your goal, owing to the fact that your husband is a hard man with bogus ego. Just keep telling him about your feeling as a woman.

On the other hand, he may not be sexually attracted to you. Maybe you have to work on your personal hygiene. Be clean in and out. Most ladies with high sexual libido are lazy and dirty. In case your body shape or size is responsible, then you may have to visit the gym and get in good shape. In case you don’t know, men love s3x and the average man, with all his busy schedules, still finds time to dig a “sweet hole”. So if your husband doesn’t desire you sexually, then something is wrong.

If you are the cause of his sexual behavior towards you, then there is the tendency that he is cheating on you. So get yourself to serious work. Respect and treat him like your king. Men like to be pampered and respected. You can put him off if you are disrespectful to him. Good luck!

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