Story: She Was a Virgin Yet Infected Me With HIV

Kindness, caring, financial benevolence, intelligence, “crefe (Holy holy)”, virgin and beauty are just few of the attributes of my fiancee. With all these qualities, who in their right state of mind will ever think negative of someone who possess such enviable characteristics. I am 27 years and she is 25 years and she completed an MBA in administration recently.

I met her three years ago and we have been soo cool together; the perfect couples. She told me she prefers that we have s3x after marriage and I obliged to that. She is part of a company that trains small scale business leaders in communication and management and she makes a lot of money out of it. We started planning our marriage this year and she told me that she has a surprised package for me on our 3 years anniversary which fell on 14th April.

On that faithful day I was home all day and we spent most time together cooking, and watching movies. She blindfolded me and when she removed the blind from my eyes, she was naked and she said me making love to her is the surprise package. She said she is ready cos our marriage is closer and she can’t wait trying it with me for the first time. I am slim and my kpeniz is beyond normal but when we did the s3x, the place felt soo wide. Like a big manhole.

I stopped the act and told her to tell me the whole truth about her virginity and holy co life. She then confessed that she adds s3x to her job after training the CEOs and they pay her huge money. She claims she was scared to tell me and also presumed that as slim as I am my d**k will still fit her vajay and I won’t notice. She asserts that she spent some of those monies on me.

Now I am soo annoyed, ashamed, broken and on top of this I went for an HIV test and I am positive ohh my people. She is begging me that since I now know the truth and she is also positive, we can still marry and threatening with suicide if I do otherwise. How can some ladies be this wicked? Any revenge remedy?

Marriage Chronicles: First of all I’m very sorry. It’s never easy being betrayed by people you thought loved and cared about you….. all for their selfish interest.

The harm has already been done. It won’t be easy to adjust to the fact that you’re now HIV positive but trust me, time heals all wounds. As time goes on you will accept it and love life like never before.

Though lying to you about her virginity and deliberately infecting you with HIV is a grievous crime but taking a revenge on her won’t solve anything. Forgive her cos it will help you to heal faster and focus on yourself. Being positive is not a death sentence….with the right medication and mindset you can live normal for many years as God permits.

Finally, let her know you can’t just continue the relationship for now. That both of you need some time to think through the situation at hand. With this she will jettison the mind of committing suicide. As for continuing with your marriage plans, it’s only God and time that will decide that.

What matters now is to heal from the disappointment, suicidal and revenge thoughts and also to stabilize the psychological trauma this might have brought upon you. There after, you can decide if you will continue with the marriage or not.

Should you decide not to continue the relationship or marriage, make sure you tell your next girlfriend about your HIV status before you start. May God strengthen and heal your heart. Good Luck!

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I am Wealth O. A, B.Sc (Chemistry), Delta State University, Nigeria, Diploma (Basic Marine certs), Regional Maritime University, Ghana. Married with kids. Marriage and Relationship Counselor, writer and entrepreneur.

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