Religious Differences Can Break a Smooth Relationship

My boyfriend is a Muslim and am a Christian.
We have been together for like 3yrs now. His mum and siblings liked me a lot from the beginning until his mother saw her son had converted to be a Christian

She thought that I had a hand in his conversion started hating me. She ignored my greeting anytime anytime I visited

To cut the story short, I have been bleeding for 3 weeks, and her son said he saw a pot in her mother’s wardrobe and my name was written in it so he threw it in a toilet. I went to a pastor and he told me it’s the woman who is trying to kill me.

I want to leave the relationship but this guy doesn’t want me to. He begs me anytime I try. I even went to the extent of cheating on him so that if he sees we will break up but he is not giving up, anytime he forgives me.

You see, the thing is that when he was in his final year at the University, his family told him they can’t afford his school fees so he should find a way to help himself. He nearly gave up but I stood by him and advised him, and I helped him pay his fees till he finished. He wasn’t working so I managed to get him a nice work at GCB and get a good salary every month.

Because of all these his mother has told him that since the link to the job is from me he should stop the work, she will find a proper work for him. Pls I want an advice from you. He has turn against his mom, but he is now a Christian. I don’t know if I should stay or walk away.

Marriage Chronicles: My dear, not everything we want in life, we get and not all we get, we really want. It is sad to part ways with someone you love and hope to have a future with. But with the uncertainties of life, you can’t always have everything you want.

Religious differences have destroyed a lot of love nests and yours won’t be the last. Here, you have two options, either you fight or you walk away. But I will advise you to walk away. The reason is that;

1. Marriage is not all what life is about. There is more to life than marriage. So you don’t need to die or suffer any ailment that will end up damaging your womb and life because of marriage.
2. You are suffering a spiritual ailment which requires spiritual attention. This may be too much of a battle for you to fight, not for the sake of man who is not your husband yet. What if she over powers you and ends up killing you, will his son (your boyfriend) die with you? Will he not get another lady to marry soon after?
3. You can’t marry him without his family. Even if you do, it won’t be forever. So, it’s not advisable to go into a marriage as a woman where the man’s family don’t like you. They will frustrate you in that marriage till you can’t take it no more. There is also no guarantee that your man won’t join his family later in future to frustrate you out of the love and marriage.

So, kindly leave that relationship. Let your man know you love him but you are not ready to fight with his mom. Let him deal with his family if he loves you. Stay away from him until everything is settled. Good luck!

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