The Effect of False Accusation on Relationship

Mine was from a popular fake pastor in Ghana.

I have a step son who hates me due to his own reasons known to him
He keeps accusing me of using juju on his dad and that am a witch.

I was watching tv when I saw my step son being prophesied by this pastor that young man stand up, I can see your father’s wife has used her menses to cook palmnut soup for him and now she controls him like a remote”

Eeeiii I was like aaa is that me or my husband has another wife? 😪eeeii Jesus my heart started jumping up and down that I even forgot I have a God I served.

This boy called all my in-laws and told them not to eat my food again hmmm
I recorded what I saw on the tv and showed it to my husband and he started laughing.
He said “can’t you see this man is lying babe??”
He said “wipe your tears and sit down and think you’ll find your own reasons why am saying he is lying”

The pains I had in me made me to forget that my husband doesn’t even eat palmnut soup so how can I prepare some with my menses?

We both laughed at it but I’ve been vindicated now.

My step son is now roaming about telling people the pastor is fake because he promised him that by December he’d be posted and his dad will buy a car for him… lie lie both prophecies haven’t come true….he’s angry with the pastor🤣

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As am writing to you now he is here in my kitchen eating my food….Hmmm juju woman’s food.
He begged me and I have forgiven him but what the pastor said and how some of my in-laws believed it still hurt me but I leave everything to God.
At the end of it all, I thank God for giving me a husband who doesn’t listen to false accusations

But I keep wondering how many marriages this kind of false prophecy has ruined.
Imagine my husband leaving me because of this??
What if the prophecy was about his favorite soup??
That means the table would have turned right??
How would I have proved my innocence??
Falsely accused have ruined a lot of lives.

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