Just When He Says He Is A Wizard

Hello, good afternoon,
My man has been telling me he is a wizard and I always think he is kidding until he told me things about some families I have never mentioned to him before.

Well, I’m not afraid of him tho but I don’t want to be around such energies. We both know we can’t marry cos of religious differences but he doesn’t want to let go.

We are both independent people so no one is depending on the other but he is also very caring and trying to do stuffs for me, which I’m always not cool with.

I’m not a prayerful person and this guy can force me before I pray. He can drive to my house at dawn when he calls and I don’t pick, just to wake me up to pray.

I do love him but I want to break up with him in a nice way that he wouldn’t feel I left because of the energy he carries. Please I’m in this situation and I want you to help on how to go about it.

Marriage Chronicles: My dear, there’s not such a good way to break up with someone….nobody wants to end what makes them happy. Just be honest with your reasons, I’m sure he’ll understand.
But for him to call you to wake up and pray really means how prayerful you should be.
Spiritual people understand the power and importance of prayer.

Having the gift of seeing or prophecy is not wizardry or witchcraft. Your man may not be a wizard like he thinks or claims, he may just be a seer or a prophet. So I will advise you sit him down and have him tell you more about his experiences over the years and his growing up. Like he wants you to pray, you really need to pray for more understanding.

We don’t meet people for nothing. We meet people for a blessing or a lesson. So while you are sure both of you can’t marry because of religious differences, you just might be the one to help him understand and appreciate the gift he has. So if you must break up with him, leave a good legacy with him that he will live to remember you for.

If you think your religion is better, you can also use the power of love and woman to influence him to join you in your beliefs. Unless of course there are other personal reasons you want to break up with him. Good Luck!

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