Getting Pregnant at the Expense of University Admission.

I’m 23 years old and pregnant. My boyfriend asked me to keep it but I don’t want to.

The reason is that I have applied for tertiary and waiting for admission this year. It’s a mistake I have made and I pray God should forgive me.

I know insults will be rained on me but they’re all welcome. What’s eating me up is that I stay with my sister and I’m afraid to tell her.

Also, there is a man in the USA who has promised to take care of me in the university but he’s showing interest in me. I don’t want him as sugar but I fear this opportunity will pass me by if I don’t go to school this year.

I’m confused and don’t know what to do. Please I need advice from you.

Marriage Chronicles: My dear, school is good but many have graduated and roaming the streets begging and sleeping around for jobs here and there. So going to school doesn’t guarantee success in life.

As a woman, you may go to school even at age 70 but you can’t give birth at that age, that’s to say you don’t have many years for pregnancy.

So many men can cope with a lady who is not a degree holder but not so many men can cope with a barren woman. This may be your one and only pregnancy. And aborting the baby may rub you the joy of having your own biological child all thru your life. Abortion can also end your life

If you are determined and hard working, you can go thru your first year in school with pregnancy without failing any of your first year courses.

Children carry blessings and the baby in your womb now can give you better opportunities than what you are looking at this time.
Things don’t just happen, see this as a double blessing and not a curse. However you see it, that’s how it will be for you.

On the other hand, you have to summon all courage to tell your big sis about it. She’s will only bark but won’t bite you. For all you may care, she just might not react the way you envisage. Not telling her may do more damage to you and the good relationship both of you have. So it is highly imperative that you inform her and get her elderly advice too. Good Luck!

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