When you are Wrongly Accused by your Partner

Last year December 22nd, my ex came over to my place. We were going to church together. I took my bath first and later she went to the washroom to bath. I decided to read some things on the laptop whilst waiting for because I was having an exams to write. The laptop was on the sofa and I was sitting on the floor reading. She walked in from the washroom naked and I also rose up to dress.

We went to church together, came home and spent some time together. About two weeks later she asked me if I recorded her nakedness that day because when she came from the washroom and the laptop was open it looked like I was recording her. I told her never.

Early January she traveled and that was when things changed. She wasn’t picking my calls nor replying my texts for almost two months. I was not well and a friend of mine texted her to ask her why is she not with me during this time that am not well. I thought she was angry with that text so I made my friend call her to apologize to her for texting her that msg.

My friend apologized and also asked my bosses at work to also apologize which they did. I also apologized to her but still this girl was not picking up. I went to see her mom and told her to ask her if I’ve wronged her which she said no.

I thought things will change from there but still. Early March, she came over to my place to pick her stuffs. The same friend who texted her about me not being well also texted a colleague lady at work how my ex was treating me. The lady told me and I questioned my friend that why did he tell someone about my relationship stuffs?

I became angry and seized the guy’s phone Cos the phone was not his. I kept the phone in my wardrobe. My ex came by to pick her stuff, saw the guy’s phone, went through the WhatsApp, saw those chats and concluded that I was pretending to be another person and was destroying her to my colleagues at work.

I came home to meet the promise ring I gave to her on the table and she said it was over. She didn’t even ask me anything. My family called her to ask her and her sis told my sis that my ex says, last time she came here I recorded her nakedness because the laptop was open in the sofa. I told my sis to ask her to check if there is something like that on the laptop because that same laptop was what I was using and she even came to pick it without my knowledge.

And another accusation was I destroyed her to my colleagues because of the phone she saw. A lady I have dated for 5 years? Why should I record her nakedness? I’ve been depressed and really sad. I don’t think I can even date or trust any lady again because I thought she was my all..

Marriage Chronicles: A lot of relationships and even marriages have been badly damaged due to misconception and misunderstanding.

Your lady doesn’t seem to trust you enough to take you by your word. She might have also be hearing, reading too much stories about how guys leak s3x tapes or nude pics of their girlfriends on the internet.

On the other hand, she must have been looking for a leeway out of the relationship after the promise ring you gave her. She probably doesn’t want to end up in marriage with you.

Though it hurts to quit such a long time relationship for no just reason, but you have to let her go and move on with your life. There are still millions of good women out there who will trust, love and respect you….ladies who can do you better than your ex.

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