Loving a Man who Doesn’t Want your Child

Am still in love with my ex and I can’t forget about him. We dated for almost 4 and half years. I am a single mum but I never told him that I have a child. When he got to find out his behavior changed towards me. He stopped calling me or thought of texting me. All this happened in 2017.

One day he called me on his phone to come to his place. When I arrived he asked me to come for my things that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with me anymore 😪😪😪😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 On that faithful day, I cried like a baby, I begged him but he didn’t want to listen to me, so I went back home.

4 days later he texted me on the phone that he doesn’t want someone who has a child. That it was all my fault. I should have told him from the beginning that I have a child 😔😔😔
From then I never heard from him again. I blocked his numbers and deleted his numbers from my phone.

1 year after an unknown number called me, so I picked the call and it was him. He asked me to come over to his place. I was so happy to hear his voice cos I miss him so much and I couldn’t wait to be with him. I went to him. We made love but he asked me to be just his friend 😟😟😟 I felt very bad when he said that

He said he really loves my vajayjay and he can’t let go off me😂😂😂 He told me he can’t marry me so if I find someone I should let him know 😢😢 He said we are friends with benefits. He always goes through my phone when I spend the night at his place.

One-day I met a guy on my way to work. We exchanged numbers, we started going out. My ex one day called me to come over. I wasn’t feeling too well. I went to the hospital with my ex when I did a pregnancy test, it was positive, I was very scared …he felt very angry , so we went to the house together and he started asking me that who is responsible for my pregnancy, I knew it was my new guy

I went home and called my new guy that am pregnant. He said he’s not ready to be a father, so I should abort it,😭😭😭.
He sent me 300gh for the abortion.
My ex called to tell me that he has relocated to another place.

My ex and I ain’t dating we just friends with benefits, I don’t know why he has to go through my phone and picked numbers and be calling them. He called my new guy and told him all kinds of things about me😢😢😢😢

My new guy left me. This my ex boyfriend tarnished my name, he called me all kinds of name, he told me he has moved on, he has found someone else so I should forget about him. I cried like a baby 😭😭😭😭 no matter what he has done to me.

As days go by the love I have for him keeps growing stronger. My ex has not taken me to a hotel before, when we met on the 6th of June this Saturday. He took me to a hotel instead of his place, I felt very bad😟😟😟 we made love , I regretted doing something like that with him… Please I need your advise, am trying to forget about him but I can’t.

Marriage Chronicles: Next time, don’t start a relationship hiding your child. You’re not the first to have a child outside wedlock and you can’t hide that baby forever. So spill it out from the beginning, the man who will love you with your baby wouldn’t mind.

Also, your Ex loves you and can’t get over you as much as he tries. He’d have proposed to you long time but for your baby. However, he’d accept your baby later but you have to play smart.

Give him cold feet when next he calls you for intercourse. Let him know you’re no more interested in friends with benefit, that you just want to stay away from every man right now until God sends the man who will want you and your child your way.

Let him know you are very grateful for all the good moments you shared with him and the love he showed you over the years. Trust me, if he is meant to be your man, he will accept you and your child and will end up marrying you. If it doesn’t work, then it wasn’t meant to be, so you move on. Good Luck!

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