Advice: I have a Daughter, She has a Son.

She had a five year old son and I had a four year old daughter when we got married. I should say what brought us deeper connection, leading to marriage was the fact that we had kids.

Before marriage, she met my daughter who was living with my mom. She expressed so much love in my daughter and couldn’t wait for us to get married so we could raise our kids together.

After marriage, my mom thought it was too early for my daughter to join us. She said we should at least have some free space to enjoy our marriage before my daughter joins us. Which I thought was a good idea. My wife came with her son and we lived happily together.

Two years into marriage, my mom fell sick and couldn’t take proper care of my daughter so I decided it was right time to bring her in. I told my wife and she said: “No, you can’t bring her. If your mom can’t take good care of her, then send her to her mother”. I spoke to her, it turned to a fight yet she still said, No.

Now I’m contemplating two decisions, either to leave the marriage or separate from her so I can live with my daughter. My daughter needs parenting and I can’t deny her that. I’m in desperate need of advice now, please help me.

Marriage Chronicles: Most women are naturally selfish and territorial. I will suggest you still talk some sense into her head and ask her why she won’t accept your daughter. Let her decide just for posterity sake…(be smart).

Also, if she eventually agrees to have your daughter with her, then make her sign a seemingly legal agreement on the up keep of the girl. The reason is that there is already the tendency that she will maltreat your daughter when she moves in with you.

However, if at the end of the day she refuses to accept your daughter into the home, then let her go with her son, after all you’re also not the father of her son.

Your daughter is too young to be without good parenting. She needs you very much around, and marriage or any selfish and ungrateful woman shouldn’t deprive her what is due her. Good Luck!

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