I Cooked My Girlfriend’s Wedding Meals…..Boyfriend

To imagine if a security man will be checking a Doctor’s temperature before they enter a bank, no one ever imagined that day will even come till now!

I never imagined either, I’ll be helping my Bestie who’s a Professional Chef prepare Meals meant for his Girlfriend who’s supposedly marrying another man then!

So my friend called me to help him put in through some Wedding Orders. We are each other’s keeper so I reserved my own schedule to help a brother out. It was even his first time getting such large orders.
We worked the whole day to get the necessary meals prepared and had to package everything to Spintex (a place in Accra Ghana) the next morning.

That evening, the Girlfriend of my friend even came around to help with the Orders preparation and she was even commenting how lucky the lady in question is to be having such a big wedding. Sir, the orders was for 300 Wedding guests. They spent their usual time together while I checked on the workers to ensure everything was in order. She left around 9pm.

Next morning, we were all packed and in a Van headed for Spintex. My Bestie called his Girlfriend who wasn’t answering her phone. I tried to calm him down in our colloquial language… “I even tell am say wifee (as I normally address her) never wake up becos it still dey early”. We got to Spintex and had extra cookings to be done. We were busy at the backyard while Wedding Guests were at the main house…

My dear, out of curiosity, me and Bestie left the workers to go check out the bride and groom, since we had to start serving. It’s even funny coz we stood watching the wedding proceedings of my friend’s Girlfriend he even slept with the night before.

My friend, who was shocked, wanted to react and the look I gave him after I held his hand and question him how he intend to pay his workers if he messes such a big wedding up? He reasoned for a minute and we went back to our normal duty. I was glad to be there with him throughout.

I must admit, the ones I feared most at the wedding were the ‘FRIENDS’ of my Bestie’s Girlfriend. Those Girls were low key laughing and gossiping when we started serving guests. This life errrr, I can’t even imagine again cos my friend is still in pain. This matter isn’t my concern but after remembering this morning about what happened to my friend, I feel his pain after a year of this incident took place.

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