Single Father Asking Food For His 10 Months Old Baby

Children living in a single parents household are most primarily living with their mother or father while other children have shared parental custody arrangements. 

Some couples end their relationship with their partners for another after delivery of the first child leaving the child to be staying with the mother. Others become single parents as a result of rape cases and sometimes widows or widowers also end up becoming single parents. 

In most cases, becoming single parents is not a choice that one makes but a circumstance leads to being pushed to such a situation. 

A single father, raising his 10 months old baby appealing the Zimbabwe community to assist him financially as he is in need of support. “

This unemployed father from Figtree is raising his 10months old baby alone as the mother died at childbirth. He does piece jobs for a living and normally moves around with the infant in a wheelbarrow. He is appealing for food(esp mealie meal and peanut butter), nappies and diapers. He is also appealing for clothes for the little one.” 

As readers of, it will be appreciated if our readers would also extend their kindness to him. 

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