When Relationship Battle Turns Spiritual

I have a Muslim friend who is having a serious problem, she gets into relationships but they don’t work. Mostly according to her she sees herself in her dream being shaved or her hair falling off on its own and by daybreak the guy will call off the relationship just like that.

Now the problem is that I have been helping her with prayers and I suggested some men of God for her to visit for deliverance but she has refused to go see any of them.

Just today I was talking to her and she said if only we can get any of these Muslim leaders who read destinies with stones and cowries and can do herbal/spiritual things she would go. Me I don’t know any one of that kind, but I believe on your page we could get suggestions of where to locate the Islamic prophets. We need help, please help her…. she’s becoming depressed because she’s not getting any younger.. She’s 34 already. Thank you..
Please we live in Tamale…

Marriage Chronicles: You can only help someone with what you know or have. Desperate situations require desperate measures.
If she is truly in need of a solution, then she won’t give you a condition.

Look for a good man or woman of God around, talk to him/her about her issue and believe. Their opinion will help you with next step. Don’t go and prescribe what you don’t know or believe in, the result might backfire later and your good gesture will turn to evil.

You can also get converted in the process which may not be what you need.

Also her case is spiritual and you have to be careful and watchful to avoid being robed into her situation.

Is she tied to any generational curse or bad pronouncements from a family member or an Ex she mistreated?

She might also be having a spirit husband, and from experience and stories, spirit husbands can be very jealous of their women. Some can kill anyone who tries to stand in their ways.

Be more prayerful than before until the battle is over. Good luck!

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