Read Story: Anger Can Destroy A Beautiful Relationship

My partner and I (let me call him ex now) dated for four years and some months. He’s still the most wonderful guy I’ve ever met in my life. Frankly speaking I’m very quick tempered and my heart is very heavy no matter how much I love you. When you make me angry it stays within me for days.

Frankly speaking, when we were dating and I annoy him he will be angry with me but it will be for a short time then our lives move back normal like nothing happened but when he annoys me, I’m so quick tempered to the extent that it takes days and sometimes to the extreme, maximum of one week for me to let go my anger.

It happened several times and this wonderful guy kept my hopes high because he was not giving up on me. He will keep calling and texting me till I’m okay and things will go back to normal.

This continued for years and he kept warning me of my attitude…..that I’m a good woman and my temper is the only problem he has with me. That time all I could say in my head is “he can’t leave because he loves me too much” and of course I reaaaalllly love him and still do. I was receiving a lot of proposals as at that time too and I had a crush I really admired when we were dating.

Short and long of the story is he got fed up of my attitude and he left me 😭😭😭😭😭😭
I thought as usual he will come back begging me and saying sorry like he used to but this time around he never came back so after 4/5days of my anger I decided to call back and he told me he’s serious about the breakup cos he can’t handle it when we get married.
I cried and begged him saaaaaa but he had already made his mind

It’s been two years and I’m still not over him even though I’m dating now…… I still regret what I did.
I think the proposals from other men too made me feel comfortable and my crush too had proposed😭😭😭
My ex is now happily married to one wonderful working class lady and they have a son.
I’m working too but I never thought he will get a good woman

My advice to our ladies, please don’t feel you’re in a comfortable lead in your relationships to the extent that you’ll go days without talking to your man… he will one day be fed up and leave…. now I leave in regret and I have to imagine my ex making love to me before I can get in the mood for my guy (my then crush).

Marriage Chronicles: Anger is one of the many traits God put in human beings to express their emotions and feeling towards unacceptable situations of life. Anger can be of advantage when it’s channeled correctly towards a positive goal.

However, anger can also be very destructive if not well managed and utilized. As a matter of fact, anger has sent so many to early grave and has destroyed the sweet taste of many enviable relationships.

Building a good relationship takes a lot of hard work and of course, as an important issue of life, one is bound to be offended from the beginning to the end of that relationship. So, it is imperative for adults to have proper control of their anger to avoid breaking edges that will give room to a serpent bite.

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