Read Story: Why Are Some Men Like That?

I was dating this guy way back in 2006 we lasted till 2008. This is a guy I personally took care of. He was in uni by then, though he was living in his father’s big house at Dansoman with his family but he had his own apartment separated from the main house. We started dating few days after we met at a friend’s party.

I wasn’t in the best of moods because I had lost my Dad and it took a toll on me. But he was such a sweet talker and swept me off my feet with his sweet words. He made me forget about my pain of losing my dad and we started dating. I guess I fell for his sweet talks and all.

This guy could “eat” the hell out of me eh and I will be crying out loud.

Note: he will also be screaming my name, moaning and all that, asking me what I put inside my V-thing  because it’s the best he’s tasted in his life!

Well I was happy hearing him say all that to me. I thought I had landed. Unknowing to me this guy will be bringing girls to his room after lectures whiles I was away at work
His family was soo fond of me especially his mum and his little niece. Anytime I visited you will notice the little girls; aged 10 and 14, wanted to tell me something about their uncle (my ex) but he will quickly ask them to go to their room.

I didn’t understand why because it was reoccurring. I became close to his big cousin and we started talking. She mustered courage and told me everything that happens when I leave his house. I refused to believe her but my instinct was telling me she was right. I was at his place to spend the weekend. Dude thought I was asleep. He was busily talking to a lady on phone pleading with her to say ‘I love you” to him eiiii!

I still pretended I was asleep. Dude stepped out of the room to the restroom and continued talking to the said lady. I was behind the door listening to everything! I quickly jumped to bed and the next morning I left without a word!

I will usually go and visit on weekends but on the said day I closed from work and decided to go and visit. I had earlier called but he never returned my calls or texts so I went straight to his house. I opened the main door, and I went straight to his side of the apartment. The door was not locked

I said wow! lo and behold opana was busy with his new love, giving her some hard strokes from behind. They were soo much into it that they didn’t even notice someone was watching. I shouted his name! He turned and saw me with and all he said was “are you stupid? Why didn’t you call me before coming?

Come and see me on the floor in tears. I mustered courage and went straight to the girl and told her “trust me ,this guy will take you no where. If he did this to me he will do it to you in thousand folds”

I started screaming and his cousin came to the room thinking something had happened to me. As to how I got home, I will leave that for another day!

Note: This is a guy….. I personally took care of his needs, bought him groceries, bedsheets, towel, gave him money for school and all.

My mum was very much disappointed because she liked him Soo much because she is a Monday born and he was also

He came begging, crying and all but my mind was made up! I asked myself Is this not the same guy who will be “saying” things whenever he’s with me? Ana it’s a different guy? I later got to know from his cousin that he dumped the lady too but it ain’t my business.

I moved on anyhow, though it was difficult at first. Till date it’s very difficult for me to trust again. I meet guys but I become suspicious when they’re trying to sweet talk me into a relationship…I hope it changes soon..sorry for the long post.. will be reading comments.

Marriage Chronicles: It’s normal to feel the way you are feeling about men now, after a heart break. You will surely snap out of it in no distant time.

Always remind yourself that there is someone out there who will truly love you and treat you right. That should be your consolation. Good Luck!

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I am Wealth O. A, B.Sc (Chemistry), Delta State University, Nigeria, Diploma (Basic Marine certs), Regional Maritime University, Ghana. Married with kids. Marriage and Relationship Counselor, writer and entrepreneur.

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