Husband Abuse Wife For Not Sleeping With Him

Many women die as a result of abuse, leading to about 1000 women killed every year. Abuse is a learned behaviour which many people learn from parents or from the community they live in as they grow. 

Some men abuse their partners believing they have the right and power to abuse them and see themselves to be in a leadership position and should have the charge. Abusers can change but it is not easy.

It was reported on the social media of a woman who was abused by her husband cos she wanted to continue her education. According to the report, the accident took place in the northern part of Ghana.

As followed the story, it was later found out the event happened but the given location and the incident given was not accurate for the truth of the story is that, the lady refuses to have sex with the husband causing the husband to beat her. Reading through the comments, the event took place in the Western part of Ghana and not Northern part of Ghana. 

The woman was transferred to the komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in the Ashanti Region. While the woman was at the hospital for treatment, the man was on the run but later arrested  and is now in police custody. 

” Abdul Raazik Its WESTERN REGION and you are saying Northern. WHY. You trying to tarnish NORTHERN IMAGE.You think Northern region we are those who don’t have sense so since it’s this it’s us who is supposed to take that bad name. THATS BULLSHIT and Nonsense if you don’t know something keep quiet 🤫 Or you will end up causing a lot of confusion and hate between innocent people.

“Huzumat Bawa This happened in Wa, upper west region. The woman was transferred to Komfo Anokye teaching hospital, kumasi.
The man was on the run but was apprehend and still in police custody.”

Image may contain: text that says 'Hello my Fiona Ghana. have something share has been hit on the head several times by because said she want go to the nursing school. husband impregnated she in junior high school and married they have After brutally beaten by her husband she went coma for consciousness. husband knows people in high authority and has the police force change statement from causing instead of attempted murder. will make foolish case. before had kept acid to pour on her but she before threw it away. help me seek justice for this lady. really want to het justice this woman'

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