ADVISE: He Wants Us To Share Marriage Expenses 50/50

I’ve dated my boyfriend for over three years. Marriage has always been on the table since day one but I’ve grown to accept that marriage is not something you run into. You prepare for it so you can enter with grace and with your head up high. So I never put pressure on him to marry me by all means.

The idea is to marry when both of us are ready. Last year we said this year and the way this year is going we’ve planned to either marry at the tip end of the or early next year.

Recently he came home with his family to see my parents and collected the list of things to buy for the traditional marriage. I won’t say the things my parents listed are exorbitant. They are just the normal stuffs. You don’t have to break the back to buy them.

After seeing the list, he called to tell me, “We have to divide the cost equally among us and buy the things if we’re going to get married.” I told him ” You don’t have to buy them if you’re not ready. Anytime you are ready, buy them, I’ll be here.” He’s insisting on 50/50 cost split.

He wants me to buy my own gown and rings while he buys his own. I told him if I buy those things, I’m marrying myself for him and that’s not possible.

Currently we are on the edge and any little thing will break us apart. I want to ask, am I being unreasonable or he’s rather being unreasonable?

Marriage Chronicles: The pride of every woman is having someone who is man enough to treat her like a queen.

Demanding that you should share your wedding responsibilities equally with him is a sign of irresponsibility and immaturity.

He’s either not in love with you or he is just not man enough to go into marriage yet. If you dare dance to his noisy tune, then be ready to take 70% of the marriage responsibilities later in life.

Peradventure you have a good paying job or business, he might just push the entire responsibilities to you later on.

It’s either you wait for him to man enough, if you have all the time to wait, or you move on with your life before he asks you to take up the entire marriage expenses and make him your bride. Good Luck!

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