Advise: Signs That You’re Dating Yourself In The Relationship

My boyfriend and I have dated for almost two years now. I try my best to be the good lady any man wants. I love him so much. I cook stew, soup among others for him to take him through the week n he comes for it.

He always claims he’s busy and even though I would like to be with him. I try to understand he’s busy. We haven’t gone out more than 5 times since the relationship begun. I don’t ask him for money oo. I use my own money to cook.

We were talking one-time n I said he doesn’t give me money. He said that’s why am I working.. eiii. It’s not like I need his money ooooo. It’s just nice for your guy to give you something small. With all this when I tell him he doesn’t make time for me, he complains that I nag too much and that that’s how he is so if I can’t I should stop.

While on phone he’ll tell you he’s slpy but will be online for hours. He can put you on hold and receive other calls and won’t hear from him till next day. I hurting so much. I told him we need to talk and he says he already knows what I’ll say.

That he doesn’t get time for me. Do you think I’m dating myself. He said it’s not only cooking food that makes you a good lady. I asked what then. He said he doesn’t know…..I should check myself. Please help me with advice. Sorry for the long post.

Marriage Chronicles: My dear, the most difficult thing to do is walking out of a relationship where you love the person, but then when you muster courage and walk away, you will be free and happy thereafter.

Take all you have done for him as an investment for a better future. You didn’t lose, he lost because getting your kind these days is not common, and before he realizes it, you are far gone.

He is apparently not in love with you. That’s why he doesn’t share and care. If he is, he’d treat you right and tell you areas you need to work on yourself.

He can’t let you go just yet because of all the benefits he is getting from you. It is clear you are dating yourself. Set yourself free as soon as possible before he throws your heart into irredeemable wrecks.

Don’t be in haste to start another relationship, make sure you disconnect properly from this relationship so you don’t carry bitterness in your heart for your next man. Good Luck!

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