ADVISE: The Difficulty In Stopping A Sweet Sin

Due to my status I had to create a fake account. I’m a very reputable business man in Ghana and I’m in a dilemma now. I basically know what I have to do to be free but I just can’t.

I’m dating a married woman and I know it’s wrong but we both can’t seem to let go. We’d both agreed to break up and just be friends but that same day the love will even go strong after one calls and we end up making up and meeting for sex.

It was love at first sight for both of us. In fact we both voluntarily kissed the very first minute we talked and it was a climax. We met at a business meeting and from the corner she was sitting, we both all of suddenly started giving eye signs and come see signals.

After the meeting we had a private dinner and went straight to hotel. It’s funny that we had sex before we both asked of our names. We knew the companies we both worked at and called ourselves titles but out of this feeling it didn’t occur to us to ask names.

The problem now is that, I left my long term girlfriend because I cannot cheat. In fact I was caught by my ex because I couldn’t stop things with this married woman.

My married girlfriend now wants to divorce her husband for us to marry but I’m having cold feet now. It’s not like I don’t want her, I wish we were married now but I just feel sooooo guilty and my conscience is killing me.

My ex girlfriend also wants me back and anytime I think about the promises I made to her, I can sense the betrayal she’ll feel. I feel she deserves better but this feeling I have for the married woman seems to increase everyday even after 2 years. We both feel like deja vu to each other.

One time we were both talking of something that we thought had happened before and strangely we both typed the same thing at the same time with same results. Is it possible that maybe we were married in our past lives? I need people who are inclined with reincarnation or have had similar experiences to help because I feel it has something something spiritual to it. We have 99% similar goals, ambitions, plans, likes & dislikes and even favorite colors and food .

We even support the same football club and 2 of her favorite quotes are also my favorite quotes. Audience, Please help a lost brother because I feel something doesn’t make sense. Thanks in advance.

Marriage Chronicles: It is always difficult to stop what we derive pleasure from than what hurts. So it is natural for both of you to struggle with breaking up.

However, for conscience and consequence sake, it is okay for you guys to break up the illicit love affair. Everything may seem perfect and sweet for both of you right now but there is no right in doing wrong. Remind yourself that not everything we want, we really need. This may help you to be in charge as the man.

You shouldn’t be the reason your partner in crime should end her marriage with her husband. Men cheat with their mind but women cheat with their heart. They can be easily induced and carried away. You might feel indebted to her later, when the fire of the love and fun dwindle or if eventually you discover it was lust and not love, it will be difficult to break up.

Kindly discontinue your relationship with her and cut every form of contact with her. If destiny will bring both of you together later, it will happen and your conscience won’t have to prick you like it is now. Good Luck!

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I am Wealth O. A, B.Sc (Chemistry), Delta State University, Nigeria, Diploma (Basic Marine certs), Regional Maritime University, Ghana. Married with kids. Marriage and Relationship Counselor, writer and entrepreneur.

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