Please I Need Advice: My Heart Is Broken And I Can’t Stand It.

I love this girl so much, we met in school and we fell in love with each other.
We have been dating for quite some time now. I did enquiries about her past when we met in order to know much about her before we start a serious relationship. She told me about her past and the experiences she had with her ex. But I noticed there were some few things she was still hiding from me. But I decided to close my eyes over everything so that we can have a fruitful relationship.

Most of the times when she use my picture on her whatsapp status, she always caption it “best friend”.
These made me doubt whether she’s really into me…hmmmm

Once a time I took her phone and went through her whatsApp messages. I happened to find a conversation between her and another guy asking her if am the one she is dating, she boldly answered the guy “oh no”.
Because of this instances I became unsecure about her until recently after we completed school and came home.

I realized something was wrong. So I asked her and she admitted that her ex invited her to his house and he forced her into having sex so she finally had sex with her ex while we were still dating. I noticed this long ago so I kept asking her on several occasions but she denied untill recently she admitted the fact.

In fact I trusted her so much, we have been together and supported each other in so many ways. This hurts me so much. I have been in so much pains because of this, because I loved her such with all my heart.
Hmmmm pls I need your help.

Marriage Chronicles: Some people, especially ladies want to eat their cake and have it. She is playing a smart game of chance with you because she is sure you truly love her. But there are other things she is probably not getting from you yet so, she decided to still keep you whilst she goes out with her Ex and other guys. In case everybody fails her, she will quickly fall on you to avoid losing it all.

You are obviously still very young from your story. I will advise you to focus on yourself and future. Be very careful with relationships for now until you are well mature otherwise you will keep having heart breaks. Make more platonic friendships with ladies and learn more about them. It will help you.

Go after your studies, get a good job, or be an entrepreneur, make some money and be responsible for yourself. Then you will be enough for the average woman. But for now, you are not man enough yet to keep a woman and it will be difficult for any young woman of our days to be loyal and faithful to you. Most ladies of your age and economic status prefer older men who are responsible for themselves.

Forgive your girlfriend and you can make her one of your female friends. Maybe you both can be great lovers later in life. Good Luck!

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I am Wealth O. A, B.Sc (Chemistry), Delta State University, Nigeria, Diploma (Basic Marine certs), Regional Maritime University, Ghana. Married with kids. Marriage and Relationship Counselor, writer and entrepreneur.

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