ADVISE: 12yrs Old Daughter’s Reaction After Catching Her Parent Having Seks

My twelve year old daughter doesn’t go to school again due to the Covid-19. She spends most of the time in the house of my senior sister and her husband. They live few blocks away from us in the same estate. They have two kids, the same age as my daughter, so she goes there to play games and learn with them every day. She would leave in the morning and come return back late in the afternoon, some times in the evening and other times I would have to go and bring her home.

My husband had been away for close to two months and had returned on that fateful day. When my daughter left the house and we were left alone, we decided to get jiggy in the hall. It was so intense that we forgot the world outside. As I was on the floor with my legs up and panting, my husband suddenly jumped off me and and started running towards the bedroom. I lifted my head to see what the issue was; my daughter was right at the doorway looking at us. She caught us right in the middle of the act. It’s been over a month and my daughter is still cold towards us. She doesn’t talk to me and she doesn’t make eye contacts when I’m talking to her. Her father calls and she wont respond to him. She virtually keeps to herself these days. I’m really worried with the way she stays away from us and everyone else.

What can we do to help her get over what she saw?

Marriage Chronicles: Take her out to a calm but interesting place, just the two of you and have a hearty conversation with her. It’s a good opportunity for sex education, let her know it’s what every couple does to have babies. Let her know the implications if done at the wrong time especially if she’s had her menses and also how to protect herself. If she’s ever witnessed it or maybe someone tried it with her she might open up.

Female kids are attracted more to their dads than their moms. She must have been so disappointed in her dad for doing that with you, hence her reaction towards him. She has to know what kind of relationship exist between you and your husband, and your husband and her. If she won’t listen to you, take her to your sister, good female friend or Children’s psychologist to talk to her. She might not come around soon but surely will after a short while. Good Luck!

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