ADVISE: My Dad Hates My Girlfriend …She’s 10 weeks Pregnant.

Ff I met Mavis (my current girlfriend) and things were moving on perfectly for us, My ex was still begging to come back but I told her it was late. My ex-girlfriend later involved my pastor and my parents. We got back together but she never knew I was into a new relationship neither did my parents. This was a burden to me but I was able to handle the two of them without them knowing or suspecting anything

So one day my ex called me and said she wanted to spend some time with me which I agreed. Mavis was at work during that time and I knew she won’t be coming to my place because she was busy with work. My ex (Aisha) spent 3 days with me and I wasn’t able to talk to Mavis because I didn’t want any of them to suspect anything.

On the fourth day, early in the morning around 6:00 am. I heard a knock on my door so I got out only to see Mavis standing there. She told me to open the gate for her, but before doing that I told her I know I have wronged her big time. I told her my ex was in but she still insisted I should open the door. I calmly did so and the only thing she did was to slap me which I never bothered at all

My Samsung curved tv 55 inches which I bought for almost 6k got damaged by her. She was really angry so I told my ex to move out. I kept this to myself but few of my friends knew about this issue. I did not inform my parents about it. I begged Mavis for one month before my apology was accepted even though the TV was damaged but that wasn’t bothering me because I caused everything.

We are very happy together right now but there is just a little problem that is bothering me. My parents recently heard what happened and aren’t cool with Mavis’s attitude. I was able to convince my mom and she’s okay with everything but my dad oooo. He’s mad right now and doesn’t want to see her. He even said I shouldn’t involve him whenever Mavis gives birth and even if I want to start with the Knocking process. I keep on talking to him to let everything go away but he says no. My mom keeps on talking to him and he still says NO.

I want to know if I should still carry on with the Knocking process when Mavis delivers without involving my dad. I’m confused.

Marriage Chronicles: Every game has its rules of engagement. You want to double date without having knowledge of how to go about it. That was why you weren’t smart enough to know it wasn’t safe to have your Ex-girlfriend with you for 4 days.

So firstly, I will advise you never to go for 2 women because you don’t have the ability to handle just one yet.

Secondly, Your dad has every right to be angry with Mavis for her behavior, and as a man with far more experience with women than you, he doesn’t want you to marry a woman that will kill you in the future.

Mavis obviously is badly temperamental, if she destroyed such an expensive TV as a girlfriend, then she could destroy your Rolls Royce or even burn down the entire house if you dare cheat on her after marriage. This is what your dad is afraid of right now. It is his responsibility as a good father to guide and guard you against future disasters.

Finally, your Ex-Girlfriend may have won the heart of your parents before now, that’s why she could get them to talk to you. And from the incident on ground, she has proven herself to be more matured than Mavis because she equally has the right to be angry with you and Mavis, after all she also didn’t know there was Mavis in your life.

Please and Please, don’t rush your dad to be on your side. He sees differently from you cos he is not in love with any of your girls. Also, don’t rush into marriage with Mavis simply because she is pregnant. Parenting is different from marriage. Take some time to know her more and weigh all extremes before you conclude on marriage. Good Luck!

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