Advise: Your Husband Is A Doctor From USA–Says My Girlfriend’s Pastor.

I’ve been in a relationship with this lady for over a year now. She’s in the 2nd year in the university while I’m working and doing my masters. In the initial stages of our relationship, I noticed she had withdrawn a bit so I asked her what the problem was. She told me a man of God prophesied to her that she would marry a doctor in the United States and she’s going to be a woman of God as well and as such she’s disturbed being in a relationship with me because she has fallen in love with me

She pestered me to talk to a “man of God” so he can pray for our relationship. I tried talking to her that this relationship is the two of us and we’re supposed to keep our affairs to ourselves. She still insisted so I had to give in, for the sake of love. I did and this man told me a whole lot, and that as young as I am I should be focused and in these stages of my life, I should see women as trees. I mean what the heck is that? I kept it to myself.

Another man I trust who I contacted on this issue simply told me not to commit too much. I kept all these to myself and talked to my lady and things got to normal.

Mind you, we’ve never had an affair before. Sometimes we kiss and things get intense but we’ve never had sex before. Just recently, she told me she wants to live right with God and that she is not happy in her life. The terms and conditions of this decision is that, she’ll distance herself a bit and we’ll stop kissing but only hug when we meet.

Just this morning she called and told me to reduce my commitment to the relationship. Sir, honestly my feelings and emotions towards her are starting to drop and I don’t know if it’s normal. I’m starting not to feel anything for her again.
Is it normal for me to have this feeling?
Is the decision she has taken going to help this relationship?
Please I want an advice from you. Thank you!

Marriage Chronicles: Of course it’s normal to feel the way you feel for her now. Most men naturally have the tendency to move on with emotional issues than women.

She doesn’t really love you but she can’t spell it out to you. Maybe she is already going out with her dream doctor or she is in contact with one already. Now she may be using the pastor’s prophecy as an excuse to detach and distant herself from you and the relationship. And before you know it, she will be gone for real.

Also, there is a place of destiny in every man’s life. Sometimes we may not readily understand why certain things happen against our wish or desire. Destiny could just be at work and no matter how hard you try to make things happen your own way, they just won’t happen. If both of you are meant to be together, it will mysteriously happen someday. So I always advise people not to kill themselves for what they can’t control. Allow time to reveal certain things to you.

You are a young man with a promising future. Focus on your job and studies and readdress your heart for her before she wrecks it into pieces soon. Move on, and move a bit far away from her, don’t rush into another relationship until your heart is completely at peace. Good Luck!

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