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I met my baby daddy way back in SHS, and after school, he luckily got a job in my town. He was looking after a very rich man’s property which was for rent. The salary wasn’t enough though but was able to take care of me, his mom and grandma. He later left it and got a job with a manufacturing company. The salary was good so he rented a room on his own.

We had nothing in the room so when we decided to start buying the necessities for the room, I then got pregnant making him to divert all the monies towards my pregnancy and welcoming the unborn kid. He made sure I was happy and comfortable throughout so he slept on the bare floor for more than a year cos we couldn’t afford a mattress. Mind you during all this time, he goes for this job thing in addition to the main works and I was also working though.

Ff things became difficult and he lost his job when I was almost due for delivery. He applied for a lot of jobs but wasn’t called so he decided not to sit down but to do anything that will bring food on the table for us including his family (Mum and grandma).

As am writing to u now, He has taken a security job which is in the evening and during the day, he goes for this job job( Mostly Mason works) He gets less than 4hours sleep in a day. Hmmmm.

That is what we use in taking care of our daily meals and bills and sending the rest to his mum and grandma. We are very business minded but the more we save to start up a little business, the more the family problems. This guy is God sent because we are his first priority. Even if he has 5 cedis, he will give us 4cedis and keep the one cedis. My only prayer is that he gets a well paying job so he will be able to take care of us the way he wants.

I want my ladies out there to know that, a broke guy who loves you and will do everything possible to make you happy is worth more than a rich guy who only gives out of his excess with no happiness. People praise him and those who will laugh at me cos of his work(security) do too but am not ashamed cos I love him and the sacrifice he does, not all can do. Don’t be ashamed of your hustling cos being gentle won’t put food on the table for you.

Marriage Chronicles: A poor man is not the man without money or investment but a man who is lazy and lacks vision.

A broke man on the other hand is he who ran out of physical cash or ideas to make more money. He has far more advantage than the poor man because he can easily bounce back again.

The man in this story is neither poor nor broke man, he is simply a potential rich man who hasn’t got the right ideas and opportunities to express his real self.

Keep respecting him, loving him and encouraging him. Also help suggest better ideas that can yield more than what he is doing now. He doesn’t necessarily have to get so much money to start his own business, developing ideas that can meet the needs of humanity can attract investors and entrepreneurs.

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I am Wealth O. A, B.Sc (Chemistry), Delta State University, Nigeria, Diploma (Basic Marine certs), Regional Maritime University, Ghana. Married with kids. Marriage and Relationship Counselor, writer and entrepreneur.

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